Adelaide Comedy Hall Of Fame

Justin Hamilton, Lehmo, Mickey D, Frehd Southern Starr, Craig Egan, Dave Williams, Big Al, Mick Krieg, John Healy, George McArdle, Wil Anderson, Greg Fleet, Arj Barker, Eddie Ifft, Tom Gleeson, Janine Eckert, Dave Callan, Average, Gordon Southern, Dave & Karen Hyland, Dave Grant, Charlie Hill Smith, Glen Aikman, Chrissie Brown, Jason Chong, Chris Franklin, Michael Bowley & Jason Pestell.

The Adelaide Comedy Hall of Fame recognises the people who have created, supported & molded Adelaide Comedy in to the joy bringer you see before you today.  These people are in our DNA! Adelaide Comedy wouldn’t be here with out you.
Thank You Ladies and Gentlemen.

Adelaide Comedy Awards

The Adelaide Comedy Awards are a yearly award ceremony which recognises outstanding talent in the local comedy scene. Run by Adelaide Comedy and judged by a panel of respected comedy supporters, many of the Adelaide Comedy Awards are named after some of Adelaide’s best comedic talent including Lehmo and Justin Hamilton.

Adelaide Comedy’s Comedian of the Year

The Comedian of the Year is not just a great comic and writer. He or she also constantly develops their skills and expands their boundaries, while supporting and promoting the Adelaide comedy scene as a whole.

2009 Nominees Jason Chong, Pete Monaghan, Mark Trenwith & Ben Darsow.
Winner : Jason Chong
2010 Nominees : Lori Bell, Jon Brooks, Jason Chong, Jason Pestell & Mark Trenwith
Winner : Mark Trenwith
2011 Nominees are Dave Campbell, Jason Pestell, Lori Bell, Michael Bowley & Mike Klimczak
Winner : Lori Bell
2012 Nominees Georgie Carroll, Amos Gill, Fabien Clark, Gerry Masi & Lori Bell
Winner : Georgie Carroll
2013 Nominees Amos Gill, Demi Lardner, Eddie Bannon, Fabien Clark & Georgie Carroll
Winner : Fabien Clark
2014 Nominees Demi Lardner, Eddie Bannon, Fabien Clark, Ivan Aristeguieta, Kel Balnaves & Leigh Qurban.
Winner : Ivan Aristeguieta
2015 Nominees Leigh Qurban, Kel Balnaves, Amos Gill, Eddie Bannon & James McCann.
Winner : Leigh Qurban
2016 Nominees Pat McCafferie, Matt Vesely, Kel Balnaves, Duncan Turner & Fabien Clark.
Winner : Kel Balnaves
2017 Nominees Amos Gill, James McCann, Georgie Carroll, Nicholas Huntley & Michael Bowley.


Cheers Big Ears
(Dave Grant Award for Best Host)

The Best Host demonstrates his or her ability to keep the audience entertained and laughing, to keep the show rolling along smoothly, to encourage and make all acts feel comfortable and to promote Adelaide Comedy.

2010 Nominees : Lori Bell, Mike Klimczak, Jason Pestell, Eliza Thomas & Mark Trenwith
Winner : Mike Klimczak
2011 Nominees are Adam Keily, Gerry Masi, Jason Pestell, Lori Bell & Michael Bowley
Winner : Lori Bell
2012 Nominees : Lori Bell, Gerry Masi, Amos Gill, Jason Pestell & Georgie Carroll
Winner : Lori Bell
2013 Nominees Eddie Bannon, Georgie Carroll, Gerry Masi, Lori Bell & Jason Pestell
Winner : Eddie Bannon
2014 Nominees Eddie Bannon, Fabien Clark, Georgie Carroll, Ivan Aristeguieta & Julia Clarke.
Winner : Eddie Bannon
2015 Nominees Amos Gill, Fabien Clark, James McCann, Kel Balnaves & Dave Campbell.
Winner : Amos Gill
2016 Nominees Duncan Turner, Brandon Mannarino, Kel Balnaves, Matt Vesley & Boo Dwyer
Winner : Boo Dwyer
2017 Nominees Amos Gill,Boo Dwyer, Fabien Clark, Georgie Carroll & Kel Balnaves


The Aching Back
(Justin Hamilton’s Award for Best Writer)

The winner of the Best Writer Award has shown the ability to prolifically write new and original material of consistently high quality which has kept their audiences interested and laughing, and looking forward to more.

2009 Nominees : Jon Brooks, Kehau Jackson, Mark Trenwith, Jason Pestell & Jason Chong.
Winner : Jon Brooks
2010 Nominees : Lori Bell, Jon Brooks, Kehau Jackson, Adam Keily & James McCann
Winner : Lori Bell
2011 Nominees : Dave Campbell, Fabien Clark, James McCann, Kel Balnaves & Rob Hunter
Winner Kel Balnaves
2012 Amos Gill, Gerry Masi, Georgie Carroll, Dave Campbell, Kel Balnaves & Fabien Clark
Winner : Georgie Carroll
2013 Nominees : Amos Gill, Angus Hodge, Bryn Adams, Georgie Carroll & James McCann
Winner : Amos Gill
2014 Nominees Dave Campbell, Eddie Bannon, Fabien Clark, Ivan Aristeguieta & Leigh Qurban.
Winner : Fabien Clark
2015 Nominees Patrick McCaffrie, Leigh Qurban, Matt Vesely, Kel Balnaves, James McCann & Ivan Aristguieta.
Winner : Kel Balnaves
2016 Nominees 
Duncan Turner, Kel Balnaves, Lewis Garnham, Pat McCaffrie, James McCann & Brandon Mannarino.
Winner : Patrick McCafferie
2017 Nominees Amos Gill, James McCann, Jay Michael, Geoff Stone & Joshua Warrior


Where You Goin’?
(Mickey D’s Award for Pushing Adelaide Comedy Out of Adelaide)

Awarded to the comedian who has most stepped out of their comfort zone and expanded their boundaries outside of Adelaide / South Australia.

2009 Nominees : Mark Trenwith, Ben Darsow, Jason Chong & Jason Pestell.
Winner : Mark Trenwith
2010 Nominees : Bowley, Jon Brooks,  Fabien Clark, Ben Darsow & Steve Sheehan
Winner : Ben Darsow
2011 Nominees : Fabien Clark, Julia Clarke, Lori Bell, Mike Klimczak & Steve Sheehan
Winner : Mike Klimczak
2012 Fabien Clark, Georgie Carroll, Michael Bowley, Amos Gill & Jason Pestell
Winner : Jason Pestell
2013 Nominees : Kel Balnaves, Demi Lardner, James McCann, Fabien Clark & Georgie Carroll
Winner : Demi Lardner
2014 Nominees Amos Gill, Angus Hodge, Demi Lardner, Fabien Clark & Ivan Aristeguieta.
Winner : Angus Hodge
2015 Nominees Georgie Carroll, Ivan Aristeguieta, Fabian Clark & Thomas Green.
Winner : Ivan Aristeguieta
2016 Nominees : Bec Hill, Lewis Dowell, Ivan Aristeguieta, Marcel Blanche DeWilt & Georgie Carroll
Winner : Marcel Blanche DeWilt
2017 Nominees : Ben and Liam, Georgie Carroll, Lori Bell, Marc Ryan & Matt Vesley

On The Juice
(Lehmo’s Award for Progress & Development)

The winner of the “Progress and Development” Award has shown the most improvement in their on stage performance and in their willingness and ability to write and present new material, as well as in developing a comfortable rapport with their audiences.

2009 Nominees : Adam Keily, Eliza Thomas,Dave Campbell & Angus Hodge.
Winner : Adam Keily
2010 Nominees : Dave Campbell,  Steve Copley,  Angus Hodge, James McCann & Eliza Thomas
Winner : Dave Campbell
2011 Nominees : Amos Gill, Chris Knight, James McCann, Kel Balnaves & Tim Whitt
Winner : Amos Gill
2012 Craig Annis, Gerry Masi, Georgie Carroll, Amos Gill, Ivan Aristeguita & James Mc Cann
Winner : Craig Annis
2013 Nominees : Angus Hodge, Graham Self, Leigh Qurban, Thomas Green & Nick Skeer
Winner : Leigh Qurban
2014 Nominees Duncan Turner, Marc Ryan, Julia Clarke, Lewis Dowell & Matt Vesely
Winner : Marc Ryan
2015 Nominees Duncan Turner, Matt Vesely, Nicholas Huntley, Patrick McCaffrie & Rich Naberhood
Winner : Patrick McCaffrie
2016 Nominees Brandon Mannarino, Lewis Garnham, Nick O’Connell, Tony Petrillo, Vaughan Henderson.
Winner : Brandon Mannarino
2017 Nominees Jay Michael, Joshua Warrior, Tony Petrillo, Geoff Stone & Nicholas Huntley.


Rising Starr
(Frehd Southern Starr’s Award for Best Newcomer)

The best newcomer has not only shown potential, enthusiasm, confidence and originality, but also willingness and the dedication to learn from each experience on stage, as well as an ability to connect with their audience. This award takes in the first two years of performance, and is ineligible to previous winners.

2009 Nominees : James McCann, Deb Bland, Tom Murphy & Mara Blazic.
Winner : James McCann
2010 Nominees : Deb Bland, Demi Lardner, Tom Murphy, Golden Phung & Tom Shaw
Winner : Demi Lardner
2011 Nominees : Bryn Adams, Georgie Carroll, Tom Gaynor, Tom Shaw & Peter Beaglehole.
Winner Georgie Carroll
2012 Nick Skeer, Marc Ryan, Dave Webb, Scott Hillard, Mark Tripodi & Bryn Adams.
Winner : Nick Skeer & Bryn Adams
2013 Nominees : Katherine Angarhad, Lewis Dowell, Marcel Dewilt, Patrick McCafferie Patrick Carl, Jon Cameron & Matt Vesely
Winner : Patrick Carl
2014 Nominees Duncan Turner, John Cameron, Matt Vesely, Patrick McCaffrie & Vaughan Henderson.
Winner : Matt Vesley
2015 Nominees Emily Grace, Lewis Garnham, Liam Stapleton, Nicholas Huntley, Vaughan Henderson, Danielle Shafik & Tony Petrillo.
Winner : Lewis Garnham
2016 Nominees Alicia Norton, Brad Hollis, Carla Wills, Geoff Stone & Jay Micheal.
Winner : Carla Wills
2017 Nominees Alex Hall Evans, Emma Hogan, Jordon Best, Paris Humprhey & Tom Mathews



Jester’s Jester
(Peer’s Choice Adelaide’s Favorite Comedian as voted by their Peers.)

2010 Winner Stephen Sheehan
2011 Winner : Jon Brooks
2012 Winner : Michael Bowley
2013 Winner : Fabien Clark
2014 Winner : Leigh Qurban
2015 Winner : Kel Balnaves
2016 Winner : James McCann


Friend of Adelaide Comedy Award

Acknowledges people behind the scenes that help to make the Adelaide Comedy scene what it is today.

2010 Winner : Partners. Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Best Friends, Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Helpers and Mentors. The 1st time this award was given it was given to Comedian’s Partners. A Comic’s Greatest Support Act.
2011 Winner : Michael Bowley
2012 Winner : Dave Campbell
2013 Winner : Lauren “Lolly Dolly” Thiel
2014 Winner : Daisy Kraehe
2015 Winner : Allison Lowe
2016 Winner : Daniel Huntley


People’s Choice
The Hyland Award (Best Local)

Adelaide’s Favourite Local Comedian in 2011 as voted by the Adelaide Comedy Community

2009 Winner : Jason Pestell
2010 Winner : Mark Trenwith
2011 Winner : Lori Bell
2012 Winner : Lori Bell
2013 Winner : Michael Bowley
2014 Winner : Lori Bell
2015 Winner : Big Al
2016 Winner : Georgie Carroll


People’s Choice
The Heaps Not Local Award (Best Visiting)

Adelaide’s Favourite Visiting Comedian in 2011 as voted by the Adelaide Comedy Community.

2011 Winner : Lindsay Webb & Sam Simmons
2012 Winner : Wil Anderson
2013 Winner : Fiona O’Loughlin
2014 Winner : Kitty Flanagan
2015 Winner : Fiona O’Loughlin
2016 Winner : Adam Hills

Adelaide Fringe

Mickey D Best Established Comedy
Hannah Gadsby Best Emerging Comedy
Justin Hamilton The Advertiser Award for Best Act
Michael Bowley Best Emerging Comedy
Lori Bell Best Emerging Comedy
Stephen Sheehan Established Comedy
Jon Brooks Emerging Comedy
Sam Simmons (Originally from Adelaide) Best Comedian
Wolf Creek The Musical Best Emerging Comedy
Mickey D Winner of the Fringe Weekly Award for Best Comedy

Green Faces

2000 Craig Egan
2001 Shaun Mitton
2002 Em O’Loughlin National Runner Up
2003 Average National Runner Up & Jarrod Fitch
2004 Wai Sing
2005 Phil Cowie & Lewis Gentry
2006 Anthony Salame
2007 Rob Hunter
2008 Angus Hodge
2009 Adam Keily
2010 Moataz Hamde National Winner
2011 Tom Shaw
2012 Amos Gill

Raw Comedy

1995 Make Me Laugh Award Winner Dave Williams
1996 State Winner Bilbies On Heat
with Pete Monaghan, Charlie Hill Smith & Jo Coventry
1997 State Winner Adam Vincent
1998 State Winner Mickey D
1999 State Winner Craig Egan – Runner Up Eddie White
2000 State Winner Just Jess
2001 State & National Winner Em O’Loughlin
2002 State Winner Finegan Kruckemeyer
2003 National Winner Stephen Sheehan
State Winner Scott John.
2004 State Winner Ben Darsow
Runner Up Gerry Masi & Jason Pestell
2005 State Winner Rob Hunter – Runner Up Rohan Harry
2006 National Winner Hannah Gadsby
State Winner Bec Hill – State Runner Up Jason Pestell
2007 State Winner The D.
2008 State Winner Michelle Fryer – Runner Up Lori Bell
2009 State Winner Adam Keily
2010 State Winner James McCann
State Runner Up Moataz Hamde
2011 State Winner & National Runner Up Tom Gaynor
2012 State Winner & National Runner Up Amos Gill
State Runner Up Georgie Carroll
2013 State, National & Edinburgh’s So You Think You’re Funny Winner Demi Lardner
2014 State Winner Marc Ryan
2015 State Winner Nicholas Huntley
2016 State Winner Lewis Garnham

2017 State Winners Brad Hollis and Carla Wills