Here are some podcasts made by some of the Adelaide Comedians.  To subscribe in iTunes, just click on the picture and you’ll get new episodes downloaded to your computer or iPhone as soon as they’re released – all for free!




ac-podcastAdelaide Comedy Podcast

All the old episodes from when Jason Chong started in 2008 to Craig Egan’s year of hosting in 2012 and Angus Hodges shows in 2013 are Here! Stories from behind the Adelaide Comedy Scene.  The Adelaide Comedy Podcast features interviews with local comics, punters, supporters and the visiting comedians to the Adelaide Comedy scene.  Click the Pic to begin your Adelaide Comedy Journey.

Episode 25 Xmas Special with Tommy Dean, Frehd Starr & Fabian Clark

This week its a very Adelaide Comedy Xmas with 4 Big Kids talking about Xmas being for the big kids too.  Craig Egan interviews Tommy Dean about being a leader of the SPACE TEAM, giving good presents, how to buy your partner a present, playing games properly and having fun for xmas.  Frehd Southern Starr about the Original Snuggie, Running away from the circus, Hanging with the Doug Anthony Allstars in the 90′s, Stealing Souls, Clowns Broken Down along way out of Clown Town & Raw Comedy 2013.  Fabian Clark about Toilet Seat Fashion, Bad Fringe Posters, Being a Stay at Home Dad, Airport Security, Sack Bangles, 3 Lizards and a Snake!  Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 24 BEARDS and Other Less Important Guests

This Week Craig Egan interviews the Beards about Beards and other less important guests like Adelaide Comedy Hall of Fame Members, Dave Callan from Triple J & Tom Bettany from Average and the Dairy Brothers, Plus J~Wah from the Dairy Brothers. Contains 3 awesome songs from Average, The Dairy Brothers and The Beards!
We talk Road Games, The Best Parties in the World, Rock Locking, Jason Pestell and Rob Hunter Ripping off Average’s material (See Youtube Below) and Adelaide’s Premier Micheal Bolton Cover Band… Bolty, Blot-Bolt and The Boltons: The Michael Bolton Experience!  This is with out a doubt one of our favorites.  ENJOY!  Click The Pic to Listen…


Ep 23 Nick Skeer and Graham Elwood

This week Craig Egan talks with one of the rising stars of the Adelaide Comedy scene Nick Skeer and our Special Guest from the USA Graham Elwood.  Graham talks about getting started as a comic in the States.  We poorly explain Skippy to Graham.  Graham talks about running a Podcast Festival and meeting Nick earlier this year at the festival.  Podcasts handing the power back to the People and being like Rock n Roll in the 50′s.  Plus we talk about Graham and Nick’s Best and Worst Movies Ever Made. Click The Pic to Listen…

If you love movies check out Graham’s Podcast with Chris Mancini http://comedyfilmnerds.com/


Episode 22 Jon Brooks and Tom Gleeson

This Week Craig Egan talks with Jon Brooks and Adelaide Comedy Hall Of Fame Member Tom Gleeson about Brooks many careers as a Political Speech Writer, Spin Doctor, Journalist, Original Jester and Drummer in the Death Metal Band called the Guantanamo Bay City Rollers.  Tom and Brooks talk about their Love of Drums and Egan wedges Dave Grohl in to the conversation.  Tom remembers early Fringes, Male Modelling at PJ O’Briens and being in a room with more joints than people. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 21 Dave and Karen Hyland with Lindsay Webb

This Week Craig Egan celebrates AdelComPod’s 21st Birthday with the King and Queen of Adelaide Comedy Dave and Karen Hyland and Special Guest Lindsay Webb.  We chat about how they met, 1st Loves, how to love a long term relationship, Dave Hyland is Funny, Being the Comedians Good Luck Charm, The Hyland Sweet Spot ~ Best Seat in the House, Winning Spirit of the Fringe and Adelaide Comedy Hall of Fame, Loving the Late Show, The Joy of a Box Full Of Puppies, 30 Years of Comedy in Adelaide and the Adelaide Comedy Family. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 20 Eddie Bannon and Damian Callinan

This Week Craig Egan talks with Eddie Bannon about growing up in the Dublin Comedy Scene, with comics like Ardal O’Hanlon, not being afraid to Fail and starting again and Damian Callinan about Character Comedy, Up coming projects with Mickey D and some of the best photos on the Adelaide Comedy Screens. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 19 Hannah Gadsby and Corinne Grant

This Week Craig Egan talks with Hannah Gadsby and Corinne Grant about being Vaguely Homeless, Winning National Raw Comedy, Pioneering in Gordon St Tonight with Adam Hills, Corinne’s early days on Rove and The Glass House, on stage in Melbourne and getting in to Law! Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 18 Mike Klimczak and Cal Wilson

This Week Craig Egan talks with Mike Klimczak & Cal Wilson about the 64 people Listening, Writing for Stewart, Teaching Egan Twitter, Being Married with Kids and Comedy, Sibling Rivalry, Fringe 2013 and much more. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 17 Demi Lardner and Frank Woodley

This week Demi Lardner and Frank Woodley talk about, Eating Your WeetBix, Melting a crowd, their 1st gigs, Theatre Sports in the Late 80′s, Contagious Laughting, Hindoodles, Poodors and escaping Bread! Plus we talk to Chris Franklin in the middle of MULLET GATE.  Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 16 Gerry Masi and Sammy J

This week Gerry Masi and Sammy J!  Gerry talks about the Adelaide
Music scene in the 80′s and early 90′s, Who is Mad Dog Malcolm Cummings and it’s Okay to be inspired.  Sammy talks about his SA genealogy, what is the deal with the
Juice Box, playing Rhino Room at Fringe 2007, working with
Randy and growing old together at the 50 year show.  Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 15 Dave Campbell, Dave Quirk and Trav Nash.

This week Dave Campbell talks about coming up with show names for Fringe. Dave Quirk talks about growing up in Melbourne comedy and fighting Sam Simmons. Trav Nash tells us about, Tequila Stuntmans, Being a My Space Pioneer, his Fettish for Animal Suits and Running Deathstar a comedy venue in Melb. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 14 The Bogan and The Mole! Chris Franklin and Lori Bell

This week Craig Egan interviews Adelaide Comedian of the Year 2011 Lori Bell and we induct Chris Franklin into the Adelaide Comedy Hall of Fame.  Chris knows nothing about this until the end of the end of the podcast. Enjoy.
Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 13 Craig Annis and Peter Helliar

This week Craig Annis and Peter Helliar chat with Craig Egan about Annis’s time on SAFM Breakfast, Pete’s talks about his Love of Lehmo, Adelaide, Johnny, Movies (including his own “I Love You Too.”), his kids and Football.  (Craig Egan knows nothing about Football!)  Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 12 Greg Fleet, Tim Whitt, Jason Pestell & Richard.

This Week Adelaide Comedy Hall of Famer Greg Fleet, Bottle Rockets DJ Tim Whitt, Jason Pestell and Fleety’s Man Servant Richard, talk about back stage at rock shows, The Bong Olympics, Wanking Man, Hitting The Baby and much much more.
CLICK HERE for episode 12

Episode 11 Heroes

Heroes with Superman & Batman. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 10 Eddie Ifft and Big Al.

This Week Craig Egan is back and interviews 2 of the Members of The Adelaide Comedy Hall Of Fame.  Old School Adelaide Comedian Big Al and American Comedian Eddie Ifft who has been coming back to play the Adelaide Comedy Gigs since 2004.  This Episode is Adults Only.  If you are easily offended this is probably not the Episode for you so don’t show your Mum unless your Mum loves it!  It’s full of rude, crude and downright hilarious conversation.  You have been warned!  Episode 10 proves that no matter where you are from We Are Australian.  Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 9 Elbow Skin, Gilly & The Pest!

This Week Craig Egan is doing gigs in Queensland so the Adelaide Comedy Podcast is taken over by Elbow Skin, Gilly & The Pest.  Chatting about Comedy Legend Darren Casey hosting the shows, drunken audience members, where Elbow Skin comes from and we even get an Adelaide Love Song.  Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 8 – Chris Knight, Bart Freebairn & Tegan Higginbotham

This Week Craig Egan Interviews Local Adelaide Comedian Chris Knight about how he got started and running the Adelaide Comedy Blog, Bart Freebairn about Mentoring Comedians and how to make love to 1000 hookers at once and Melbourne Comedian Tegan Higginbotham gets a proposal she just can’t refuse For Comedy Reasons Only. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 7 – Green Faces

This week we leave Bedroom 3 and head out on the Road with the Adelaide Green Faces Heat.  Recorded just near Euston on the 14 hour journey home from Canberra.  Craig interviews Amos Gill, Marc Ryan, Georgie Carroll, Nick Skeer, Julia Clarke and Bryn Adams about Chong Challenges, The most polite way to wee in a fountain, Legal Threats to Marc’s wife, Pulling a Hamstring, The Bain Dance, Soundtrack’s for Pooping and accepting your fate.  Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 6 – Jason Pestell and Michael Bowley

This week Craig Egan interviews Jason Pestell about living in bedroom 2, learning to talk again, Penola gigs and starting Stand Up Comedy at age 6.  Bowley talks about One Mic Stand Adelaide Comedy’s Open Mic Night, Lewis Gentry, Steve Sheehan and gives us festival tips. Click The Pic to Listen…

CLICK HERE For Episode 6


Episode 5 – Dave Jory & Danny McGinlay

This week Craig interviews Dave Jory, Sydney Comic originally from Adelaide about growing up here and gigging there and he talks with Danny McGinlay about getting married, spiders, saving his life and bread! Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 4 – Mark Trenwith and Michael Workman

This week Craig interviews Adelaide Comedian Mark Trenwith about kids shows & throwing food and Michael Workman Winner of Best Comedy at the 2012 Adelaide Fringe about the Pie Floaters and Fairy Eggs. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 3 – Rob Hunter & Dave Williams

This week Craig interviews Adelaide Comedian, Rob Hunter (Rob was hand picked by Louis CK to support him at the Sydney Opera House) and Old School Adelaide Comedian Dave Williams about Adelaide Comedy’s 12th Birthday and Comedy in Adelaide before the turn of the Millennium. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 2 – Georgie Carroll and Abigoliah

This week Craig interviews a new member of Adelaide Comedy, Georgie Caroll and New York yoga instructor/comedian Abigoliah Schamaun about comedy, the Milky Way, Frog Cakes, and The Roots. Click The Pic to Listen…


Episode 1 – Jason Chong and Lindsay

Craig Egan restarts the New Adelaide Comedy Podcast interviewing the host of the old one Jason Chong and the Hilarious Lindsay Webb from QLD.
CLICK HERE For Episode One


Other Podcasts we like…

CYTTPPCan You Take This Photo Please

Justin Hamilton

Justin Hamilton with Bron Robinson interviews a host of his peers that includes leading comedians and funny men and women, who also happen to be his good mates from nearly 2 decades in Comedy.
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