Welcome to the AdelComBlog!

G’day dudes, ladies and everyone in between. Feast your eye-sockets on this new cool thing right here!

Welcome to the Adelaide Comedy Blog!

AdelComBlog! AdComBlo! The AddyCombleDog!

It’s as easy as ACB! (Working tagline, may change in the future.)

With our trusty team of Adelaide Comedy Bloggers, we aim to bring you all the latest news, info, fun and procrastination-enabling distractions pertinent to the Adelaide Comedy scene. Who is this for? It’s for you, dummy! It’s for anyone who cares about the Adelaide Comedy scene, comedians and fans alike. It’s for self-professed comedy nerds, die-hard fans and even the ‘mildly interested’.

If you live in Adelaide and like to laugh, this blog is for you. In the future we will give you recaps, rants, interesting opinions, one-off comedy ramblings, reviews, insights and who knows what else, every week.

Now, not only will you be able to check AdelaideComedy.com for news, but you’ll be able to waste plenty of time here too! You can trust us. We’re the Adelaide Comedy Blog team.

It’s as easy as ACB. Okay, we’re keeping the tagline.

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