My Bridesmaids Hangover

The first clue was the fact it was called ‘Bridesmaids’.

Sure, I thought. I’ll go see what a friend had described as ‘The Hangover’ with women (The Hangover – Not my favourite movie but good for a laff). I mean, let’s be honest, the cast looked pretty good and the trailers looked funny, so why not?

So I took my girlfriend and went down to the local film screen complex (Westfield Marion) and bought 2 tickets for what I was sure would be a delightful comedic romp.

The second clue was the cinema’s audience.

Walking into a dimly lit cinema and seeing middle aged women and their husbands who were clearly dragged along, all I could think was ‘Gee. Old-ish crowd for something likened to a movie where Zach Galifianakis gets tasered’.

But hey, I’m not one to judge – I’m a 21-year-old who went and saw Toy Story 3 and I’ll probably be at the earliest possible screening of the new Muppets Movie.

The third and final clue to this mystery was the first commercial.

Before the feature presentation, before the trailers, after the ‘Mobile phones off and feets off seats’ there was a very female oriented advert for Omni champagne.

Something clicked.

I turned to my girlfriend.

“…This is a chick flick, isn’t it?”

Her: “Really? You’re asking that now? You do realize this film is called ‘Bridesmaids’ right?”


The awkward moment when you remember the friend who compared it to the Hangover and their exact phrasing. “It’s like…” He had said, taking a sip on a bottle of something that wasn’t Omni champagne, “A version of the Hangover for women.”

The difference between ‘The Hangover with women’ and ‘The hangover FOR women’ dawned on me but by this time the lights were out and the screen was doing that stretchy thing where it gets wider and you know you’re about to see the opening credits.

But it made me wonder. The idea of comedy having a ‘gender’ and the idea that I would go to a movie directed at women and not laugh at it for that reason would be ridiculous. Funny is FUNNY, whether it’s made for you or for someone else. I’m more than prepared to acknowledge that I know female comedians who I respect and love to watch – I remember being excited to meet Kitty Flanagan when she hosted the SA Green Faces heat and she didn’t disappoint.

And I’m not saying that her or any other female comic does comedy directed at women – but just because it’s The Hangover with women doesn’t mean it’s The Hangover with less funny.

So I guess when life hands you lemons, don’t just squeeze them like a creep – treat them like you’d treat an orange. There’s probably something profound written there but I can’t see it.

And Bridesmaids? I liked it more than my girlfriend did.

The Hangover? More like Bridesmaids with dudes.

(By Angus Hodge)

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