Twenty-Nun Puns About Nuns (By James McCann)

L’esprit de l’escalier is a French saying that translates to ‘the wit of the staircase’; you meet somebody at the bottom of the stairs, walk past them and come up with a clever remark for them by the time you’re atop the stairs, when it’s too late to use it. Often, one cannot simply run down the stairs and let the person at the bottom know how clever one is. Either they have left, or the opportune moment has passed.

I recently finalized my registration for the 2012 Adelaide Fringe with my debut solo show, Awaiting My Moustache. At the time it was the best idea I had; a fifty minute comedy routine about maturity, with a surrealist bent in the vein of Waiting for Godot. Due to the nature of registering for the Fringe Festival, it is now too late to change the title of my show, which is a terrible shame.

A terrible shame, because hours after I registered for Awaiting My Moustache I had the creative breakthrough of the century, the perfect augmentation to raise the calibre of my comedy from that of local mediocrity, to international superstar.


I would dress like a nun.


Why did I not think of it before?  A man dressing as a nun is the perfect comedic device – just think of it, a MAN dressed as a NUN! Does that not make your sides ache?

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is my L’esprit de l’escalier; some titles I might have used for my show if only I could have my time again:


  1. Twenty-Nun Puns About Nuns
  2. Nun Too happy
  3. Let’s Have Some Nun
  4. Nun for the Hills
  5. Janie’s Got a Nun
  6. Annie Get Your Nun
  7. Nun in the Oven
  8. All for Nun and Nun for All
  9. Crime and Nunishment
  10. Nun and Nunner
  11. Two Nuns Up
  12. How the West Was Nun
  13. How I Nun the War
  14. Nun and Dusted
  15. Stuck That Up Your Nun
  16. For Queen and Nuntry
  17. Happiness is a Warm Nun
  18. We’ve Only Just Benun
  19. Nunaway
  20. Here Comes the Nun
  21. Nun Two Three
  22. Seven Eight Nun
  23. Keep on Nunning
  24. Nun to Paradise
  25. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Nun
  26. Nunning with Scissors
  27. World War Nun
  28. What a Nunderful World
  29. That Joke Isn’t Nunny Anymore

(By James McCann)

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