A Tight Five with Angus Hodge

Welcome to ‘A Tight Five with Angus Hodge’, where on a semi-regular basis local comedian and all around good-guy Angus Hodge makes another ‘comic’ take five minutes out of their useless day to answer some brilliantly written questions.

For his first edition, Angus interviews Adelaide Comedy Blog curator Chris Knight on his blog, his beard, his tweed and his failings as a human.

Angus Hodge: You curate the Adelaide Comedy Blog. What’s made you volunteer for that?

Chris Knight: I like making other people write things. That’s not true. I dunno. I’m answering this like a real person. I should do quips.

Probably. You have an Adelaide Comedy Beard. How come?

It’s to support my chin, which is weak.

You’re quite into tweed. How much tweed does it take to tweed a pair of tweed long johns?

About twinty-twee.

How many of your beard in a standard tweed jacket?

About binty-tweed. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. I’m on hayfever medication.

You’re quite an obtuse comedian, where as I consider myself acute comedian. How do you feel about triangle metaphors and bad puns?


You seem to be becoming something of a comedians’ comedian – a comedian that other comedians laugh at. Why can’t you just be normal person funny?

Because I don’t like making audiences laugh. It makes me feel weak.

I’ve noticed.

I like silences and meditation. Onstage.

You got a quite scathing review from the review website Chortle.

YOU got a scathing review from the review website Chortle!

Don’t change the subject. How do you feel that has motivated you to be less bad at what you do?

It’s made me pay less attention to critics and try to find that secret spark inside me that will make me shine like Dumbo flying with his magic feather. A golden… sunset. For all of us. In a rainbow.

That was quite poetic. You should do that onstage except funny.

No. Poems are so passé.

Finally, I once heard Craig Egan (Producer/Promoter and Manager of Adelaide Comedy who couldn’t recognise up and coming talent if it bit him on the arse*) describe you as ‘The next comedian to get asked to retire’. How does that make you feel?

How many comedians DO get asked to retire?

Craig Egan, on his way past, lying: None.

None? I’m the first comedian to be asked to retire? In that case, it makes me feel sad and alone.

Chris Knight; Thankyou.



*Views of the interviewers/ees do not necessarily reflect the views of Adelaide Comedy, Craig Egan, the Adelaide Comedy logo, the Adelaide Comedy Car, the phrase “Comedy Doesn’t Finish When The Fringe Does™” or AdelaideComedy.com


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