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by Plom DeNume

Here in my ivory tower I sit, gazing upon all those who move below. I mingle when the fancy takes me. I stir the ooze of intrigue, and eavesdrop upon the lives of those both above and below my station. Who am I? I am the eye that peeks around the corner, the nose that pokes into the business of others. I am you. I am me, although I am not the Walrus. I am Anonymous, although I did not write Shakespeare’s plays. I am mystery incarnate. I am Plom DeNume, Fake Gossip Dude.

This week in fake gossip:

Jason Pestell has been in talks for the proposed Teen Wolf and Doogie Howser, M.D. reboot, but there are rumours that Angus Hodge is also being considered in the role of the baby-faced doctor. Sources say it may in fact be not only a reboot but also a mashup. It will be called Doogie Howser: Teen Wolf. Look for it in early 2013!

With the return to Adelaide Comedy of Tom Murphy and the recent farewell to Tom Shaw, Adelaide statisticians are in a furor. It appears the predicted Tom-splosion  may not happen until early next year. With Thomas Green and Tom Gaynor already on the circuit, some naysayers are calling this comedy season a Tom-Glut. But I say bring on the Tomucopia! Watch for Gleeson, Dean and Ballard to visit in the coming months. Tom-nanza!

The Adelaide Comedy Awards are around the corner and a little birdy is telling me that Dave Grohl has pulled out as the musical guest, citing ‘weird vibes’ from an unnamed source. The international performer’s decision comes as no surprise, since he is, after all, a megastar. Organisers are frantically trying to find a second-string Muppet musical act to replace him. Sources indicate Kermit’s nephew Robin or, more likely, Janet. Some are even saying there will be no musical act this year, since there has never been one.

In a shocking turn of events, Kel Balnaves and Demi Larder experienced a Freaky Friday body swap adventure last Sunday. A friend of a friend of a friend tells me that this was one of those magical-wish-malarkeys, not to be confused with a science-experiment-occurence or a cursed-object-situation. Both learned valuable lessons about height, world-weariness and responsibility. They are now back in their correct bodies. Or are they? You tell me.

Well, that was the week in Fake Gossip, or Fauxxip as I like to call it. Keep checking back here for more juicy tidbits about the Adelaide Comedy Scene! (For juicy tit-bits, you may need to go to a different website).

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