A Grohlmas Miracle! (by Craig Egan)

Strap yourselves in for a week in the Life Of Craig Egan ~ Adelaide Comedy Promoter /Road Tripper/Tenacious Frisbee Photographer/Wanking Saviour/ Sell Out/Lover Of Lovers/Nephew of Steve/Page 3 Girl and Proud Fan of Foo Fighters, David Eric Grohl and Zander Chugg.

First of all my sincere apologies for hogging Facebook last week there has been a lot happening to say the least.   I Met DAVE GROHL of the Foo Fighters!  Okay I’m getting ahead of my self but that sentence will not stop popping into my head and out of my mouth all week.  My flat mates Frehd Southern Starr and Jason Pestell have heard the stories a bunch of times and have already coined the terms Deja Foo and Grohl Hog Dave.  So I thought I would write my first ever Blog so I can put it all in one place and just send you the Link.  I know it is a bit long but I think it was all worth writing down plus it has Pictures and Youtubes!  Besides, people used to read books, do a chapter a day 140 Character Generation.  Hope you enjoy it.


Friday Dec 2nd

I have been trying not to even think about this week all year because I get too freaking excited about it and forget about trying achieve the extremely difficult goal, of filling 1000 seats a week, every year week of the year with comedy lovers at the Adelaide Comedy gigs.  The Music of the Foo Fighters has been the soundtrack to every major event of my life for the last 11 years and Dave Grohl is the man who I aspired to be like, both in my former life as a comedian and new life as an Adelaide Comedy Promoter.  Dave Grohl’s wonderful sense of, “Look!  I know what I’m doing.  If you just trust and come with me, I will give you one of the greatest nights of your life!” has been at the heart of everything I have tried to create with Live Stand Up Comedy gigs in Adelaide.

But it was now Grohlmas Eve in Melbourne and Adelaide Comedy was the last thing on my mind.  I call it Grohlmas when ever Dave comes to town, just as Justin Hamilton’s Mum call’s it Veddermas when Pearl Jam play and just as Justin Hamilton put’s on a Bow Tie and celebrates Bowiemas when ever he knows that his Dave is in town.  Bow Ties are cool.  While having a lovely Grohlmas Eve Dinner with Justin Hamilton I see a poster for a band called The Faux Fighters with Kirk Cobain.  They have Dave Growl, Naylor Farkins, Nate Mansmell, Pap Smear and Chris Shitlips. Brilliant!  I would totally go see them if I was going to be in Melbourne longer.

Just like Xmas as a kid, I couldn’t sleep that night.  So stayed up playing the Foo Song Name Game (highlights below) with Dj Ian on Facebook and just like Xmas as a kid, I woke up way too early to have the amount energy I would need for the day.


From Facebook…
Dj Ian At Times Like These, you need to stand proud and yell THIS IS A CALL. Mr Grohl I’LL STICK AROUND, Me BIG ME. If you go from Melbourne to Adelaide I’ll be WALKING AFTER YOU…


Craig Egan ALL MY LIFE I have been waiting for this weekend and I just keep thinking AIN’T IT THE LIFE. I heard the weather in Melb is 21 so it will be a COLD DAY IN THE SUN. I hope it doesn’t get the BEST OF YOU or me. Looking forward to meeting up with some friends or I’ll be ALONE + EASY TARGET. Don’t worry Dj Ian I will COME BACK down that LONG ROAD TO RUIN, as long as no one throws a MONKEY WRENCH in my plans. Hopefully i’ll arrive not D.O.A. or M.I.A. on Monday, then we will WALK or catch a WHITE LIMO with WHEELS to see Dave, DOWN IN THE PARK. Is it called the HEY, JOHNNY PARK, or the Adelaide Oval? Not sure. Fingers crossed they come back NEXT YEAR but you can’t HAVE IT ALL.




Sat 3rd of Dec.  My 9th Foo Fighters Show.

This show was in Melbourne and I was going by my self.  That’s never been a problem.  I love hitting a show by myself.  Go where you want and rock out with out worrying about anyone else.   Of course the first thing that happens is that I meet two girls from Adelaide who come in to The Alma Tavern where I MC Retro Classics on Sat night.  I immediately comment that I am surprised that they have musical taste and they get me a spot right on the walkway.  Thanks Girls!  I owe you a few Free Drinks.  All Right, Oh Yeah, Party People, Oneswah…

The Show begins and is amazing…

Support Band “Fucked Up” are both Awesome and Hilarious.  Lead singer get’s his shirt off to expose his big guts and the turns around to reveal an awesomely hairy back.  As a Hairy Man myself I scream, “Fucked Up are Bringing Hairy Back, Back!  YEAH!”  For future reference, Justin Timberlake references don’t work at a Foo Fighters gig.  The lead singer jumped into the crowd and pretty much did the rest of the show in the audience.  Even going as far as climbing into the stands.  Everyone in this Photo has a great genuine smile on their face.  Including some blonde kid from X~Factor on the left.  I don’t watch the show I’m not sure who he is.  Bravo “Fucked Up” you did just what a support band should do.  Break down any inhibitions that the audience might have of looking silly and letting them be free to Rock!

I have loved “Tenacious D” ever since Greg Fleet came running in to my lounge room in 2002 I think, screaming “Egan you have to hear this.”  We get all the classics they too are hilarious and sound awesome.  Plus we get not 1 but 2 New Tenacious D Songs.   If you want to find out what they were… keep reading.  We get to that at the Adelaide Show.

Dave and the band hits the Stage and are Glorious from the first note.  Click Here for the Dec 3rd Set List. They start with the Opening Song from the Album Wasting Light, ‘Bridges Burning’ just as I thought they would.  I love this song because the first time I heard it my flat mate Frehd played it to me.  I thought it was something that she had recorded of her self, as she had been playing guitar downstairs all day.  Thinking that it was Frehd playing I said, “Frehd this is amazing.  This is awesome.  It’s Rocking Me.  It’s Rocking Me!” Of course then Dave’s unmistakable voice launches the Album with  “This could be my Famous Last Words!!!!”   I screamed “It’s DAVE!”   My first taste of the new album and I loved it before I knew who it was.  That meant a lot to me.  I’m such a die hard fan I had began to doubt it if I actually liked the music.  If Dave released a shit on a stick, would I be running in to Rhino Room to show everyone my brand new shit on a stick or FOO POO?  I could now put my mind a rest.  I love the Man and the Music.

The show Rocks on and all the classics are there but I am there to hear the new songs Live for the first time and I get em in abundance.  Walk and These Days are my absolute favs and they both take on new significance and meaning when I see them Live and I feel like they are my Anthems for 2012. There is nothing quite like your hero screaming “I’m never gonna Die!  I’m never gonna Die!” at you especially when the album starts with “This could be my famous last words.”  The first moment Dave runs up that walk way and I am literally a meter away from him.  My heart jumps in to my throat as I realize I have never been that close to Dave before.  The view from that walk way is amazing because if you can take your eyes of Grohl for a second, you see 1000’s of people staring back at you with Foo Love in their eyes and for a moment you can imagine what it is like for him up there looking at that sea of adoring faces.

The highlight of the Melb show though weirdly isn’t Dave, it is Zander Chugg.
You know you are a Foo Fighters Fan when you are 9 years old and your Make a Wish Foundation Wish is to meet Dave Grohl. You meet him and Dave asks you to sing Big Me with him at the Sat show in Melb at AAMI Park.
Here is the Vid.  Zander Comes on about 5.45secs.  By the way when Dave asks in this Vid for the shitty dive bar that they should play in when they next come to Australia.  I screamed RHINO ROOM as loud as I could.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIxyKq42bPY&w=620]


The show finishes and after hours of standing in the same spot on a bung knee I am in immense pain but insanely satisfied at the same time.  I had hurt my knee horribly by sleeping on it the night before #Becominganoldman  When I got out the front of the show I heard cheering coming from a section of the exiting crowd.  I went over to see what it was.  It was Zander, being worshiped like the Rock God he is by adoring fans coming out of the gig.  Here is just a little bit of the glory he got from the crowd after the show.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttQYMG9bErc&w=620]


Walking on my knee after the show was excrutiating.  So I limped all the way Home singing, “Learning to Walk Again,” with each painful step.  Michael Dwyer commented on FB “THERE GOES MY HHHHHERO… ow ow ow owww owww.” I showed the photos of the night to my friend Gemma Dawes who knew Zander through another friend.  She told me that Zander was heard to say… and by the way this is the coolest thing I have heard all year…


“When you’re on stage like that you just have to imagine the audience as cupcakes.

I did get a little bit worried when some people were turning into hotdogs” Zander Chugg.



Zander is now a Superstar!  Massive in Brazil for some reason.  The story must have broke over there. You can go to his page and like him and wish him well.  Here is another piece of Zander Gold before I move on…

“I can’t believe 243 people like me on facebook, I only have about 5 friends at school!”

I love this kid. Go Like Him.

Zander Chugg

From Zander’s Facebook Page

Just to set the record straight.. as there are a few stories going about…Zander made a wish with the ‘Make a wish foundation’ of Australia to meet the Foo Fighters ‘Make A wish’ says our mission is: “To grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy” thankyou all for letting us share Zander with you! and for all the lovely msg’s and positive vibes 🙂


Sun 4th of Dec.  Road Tripping Across the country for a date with Destiny and more Foo!  Did you know you can listen to the entire Foo Fighters Discography driving between Melbourne and Adelaide and that’s what my friend Gemma Dawes and I did.  Good Day.


Sat 5th of Dec 2011 My 10th Foo Fighters Show

GROHLMAS DAY 2.  The Day I Met Dave Grohl.

That’s the great thing about Grohlmas is that Dave comes more than once a year if you go see more shows.  (Insert Immature Giggle Here)  In the morning I wake up, I get the Adelaide Comedy email out to promote that we have Jim Jefferies rocking the Adelaide Comedy gigs this week.

Then I post this on both mine and the Universe’s Facebook Wall…

Craig Egan is on a Grohl Hunt!
Anyone who is directly responsible for me getting a photo with Dave Grohl Today will get a Life Time of Free Adelaide Comedy Gigs.  Tonight is my 10th Foo Fighters gig in Australia.
1. 2000 Adelaide Big Day Out
2. 2003 Sydney Big Day Out
3. 2003 Sydney Horden Pavillion
4. 2003 Melbourne BDO
5. 2003 Adelaide BDO
6. 2005 Adelaide Thebarton Theatre
7. 2006 Sydney Opera House Accoustic Gig
8. 2008 Adelaide Entertainment Centre
9. 2011 Melbourne Last Sat Night
10. Tonight

I am 100% serious about this offer.  A life-time of Free Comedy gigs.  That is how much it is worth to me.   I am putting it in the Universe.  I want this.   I deserve this.  I am going to make this happen.  So I go in to the streets of Adelaide armed with nothing but little pieces of info from entirely unreliable sources on Facebook.  The best bet from what I can see is to head down to one of the biggest Hotel’s in Adelaide and wait.

I meet my Road Tripping friend Gemma Dawes and her friend there at about 11am.  There is nothing happening at this place though so she runs off to the 2nd biggest hotel in Adelaide to see if things are looking brighter there.  I stay behind to make sure they are don’t turn up here.   2 hotels covered in the first 30mins of searching.  Good Stalk Start.  While waiting I can hear sound check happening in the distance at Adelaide Oval.  I am over the moon to hear a cover of Men at Work’s “Overkill.”  I have no idea who was playing it then but I know Jack Black sang the words to that song during one of his songs later that night.  If anyone knows anymore about that story I would love to know, as I am a massive Colin Hay fan as well.

I get a text from Gemma who has stalked bands before saying that the drivers for the band are at the other hotel.   I RUN!  Run on my still sore knee through the streets of Adelaide like I never have before.  I’m a block away from the 2nd hotel when I get a text from Gemma saying “Taylors Here.”  Taylor, for the Fooilliterate is the astounding drummer of the Foo Fighters.  The only man who could fill the role of the best drummer in the world’s, drummer.  Now I am Sprinting.  I get to the set of lights across from the hotel and I get a RED light and think Shit! I look across the road and see Taylor Hawkins on a Bike crossing the street.

Taylor, any chance for a photo?
Nah dude I gotta get to sound check.
No worries man.

Holy Shit I just said something to Taylor Hawkins.  Taylor Hawkins said something to me.  I get a photo of him as he rides away…

I get to the hotel, meet Gemma and look around to see about 15 Fans all just hanging outside a hotel they are all entirely different characters from each other but with the same look of… “Oh yeah just hanging outside a hotel. What?  Nothing. Whatever…”  We are all obviously there to gain the same big prize, a moment, a photo, a signature from our favorite people in Rock n Roll.  We treat each other with a wary respect.  We swap sideways glances that seem to say “I know you must have good taste and I would probably think you are a great person but don’t you ruin this for me.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Shifflet Foo Fighters guitarist comes out of the doors. He offers to sign something for a couple of guys who tell him they have already got his signature.  Boo.  Get it again or get out of the way.  I use this opportunity to jump right in and say Chris can I have a photo?  Chris is friendly as all hell and says “Yeah, no worries man.”  Chris instantly jumps to my second fav in the band.  Nice guy.  I always liked him.  Go Chris.  I look at the photo and it’s a bit in the dark but I don’t care I now have my first ever photo with a member of the band.

DJ Ian rocks up to the hotel.  This is a Good Omen.  DJ Ian has photos with just about every famous person in the world.  I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ Ian has a photo with Ghandi and Jesus Christ giving him a Rock Lock!  If DJ Ian is here, we may have a chance at this yet.

Fucked Up Lead Singer Rock’s Up. I get a photo with him and tell him I loved the Melb show.  He seems like the happiest guy in the world.  He is a big Punk Kid who knows he is on a magical dream run supporting the Foo Fighters and why wouldn’t ya be smiling.  I know I would.

A guy in a suit walks past and says “Who are you waiting for? Elton John?

I tell him “Yes. We are waiting for Elton John.”

We get a few false Daves, including their Pianist who looks like a bit like Dave and freaks everyone out every time he came out.  Gemma also made everyone jump when she screamed and ran in one direction after seeing an old friend.

“Is it Dave?  No.  Not Dave.  As you were people, as you were. “

ENTER JACK BLACK and Jack Black really makes an entrance!  In true style he came to the top of the stairs threw both hands out wide, with A Frisbee in each hand and just smiled!   He signed a couple of Autographs I got a photo of him and Gemma.  Gemma is over the moon.  She already has a photo with Dave.  Jack is her Dave today.

“Okay I gotta go do my Cardio!” said Jack and proceeded to Jog off to the park across the road with his band for a game of Frisbee and I watched.  This is already one of the greatest days ever.  Hanging out with some mate’s watching Jack Black play Frisbee with his band in the park and boy can Jack Black Move!  I am officially stalking and I’m loving every second.

Jack’s run is Hilarious to watch and he runs everywhere.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b6cZdFzTP8&w=620]


Jack comes back from his game of Frisbee and grabs a photo with me.  I say that because it looks like I was taking a photo of me and then Jack totally Photo Bombed it!

I take a bunch of Photo’s of Jack with my stalker buddies Ian and Gemma.  I get to the honor of being DJ Ian’s photographer for a celebrity photo as he got his Tenacious D memorabilia signed.  DJ Ian is the coolest rock nerd I know and now is the proud owner of a School Of Rock work book signed by JB.

and eventually Jack goes inside.  It is now 2.15pm.  I told my friends I would meet them at 3pm to walk into the show and I am running out of time to meet Dave.  I’ll give it til 2.30pm.  Okay I’ll give it til 2.35.  All the drivers are gone.  This is not looking good. 2.40pm.  Oh well, I can’t complain I watched Jack Black play Frisbee!  I’m going to watch the Foo again Live tonight, 10th Show.  I got a photo with Chris.  I’m happy but no Dave.  “Another year.” I console myself.   I say Goodbye to Gemma and Ian who remain behind to try their luck.  I know if they get a photo I’ll never forgive myself but I have to go.  Bye guys, see you at the gig and I walk away Daveless…

I leave, I get across the set of lights and I see Chris again.  “I Love Chris he’s my second fav in the band as of about 2 hours ago. You know what?  My photo of him was a bit in the dark.  I’m going to run back and get one more photo with Chris before I go.“

I run back get my photo with Chris…

I say “Thanks again man.  I love you guys.”

I turn around and…

there he is, it’s the man!  It’s, it’s…

It’s Dave Grohl!

Gemma, whispers loudly “CRAIG.”   DJ Ian grabs my camera.  My Rock Soldiers have my back.

Craig : “Dave.  Hey man.  Any chance I can grab a photo?”

Dave : “I’m a bit busy guys but I’ll sign some autographs, I just don’t have time for photos. “

Craig : “Oh Please mate.” I hear myself beg.

Dave : “No I can’t.  Have you got something to sign?”  At this point I am aware of the disappointment in Ian and Gemma hearts, even though I have my eyes firmly fixed on Dave.  I am not taking no for an answer and I am not dead yet!  I pulled the biggest card I had.

Craig : “Please mate, it’s my 10th show tonight and it would just mean so much to me.”

Dave : “Oh yeah alright.”

I say, “Thanks so much mate for everything Dave.  I really Love you guys.” and make way for the next person to have their moment, a moment they will take with them for the rest of their lives as well.

The only way I can truly describe what happened next is that I was like an autistic child with a puppy.  I saw that once and it was a pure expression of Joy.  I looked at this kid and as I watched the intense happiness on his face as he pat that dog and thought, “I want to feel like that.”  Now in this moment I feel it.  It builds up inside you and you have no idea how to express something this big so you just release.   oooooOOOoOOOOOOHHHHAAAAAHHHH! Is probably the best way I can write it.

I just put my arm around my Hero and got a photo with Dave Grohl!  JOY.  Pure JOY!  I put it into to Universe and I worked my butt off and waited a long time to get it, but I got it.  I GOT IT!  I tell Ian and Gemma that they have won a Life Time Supply of Adelaide Comedy gigs!  Like Scrooge in Christmas Carroll after finding the true meaning of Xmas, I am now Running, Skipping and Fist Pumping the Sky down the streets of Adelaide to get back to my car and I notice that my knee is miraculously healed.  Every now and then I uncontrollably let out little “Ahhh that just happened!” freaking out fellow pedestrians. Oh Happy Day!

The Advertiser gives me a call on the way home they have seen my FB post… “If you see a guy running through the streets of Adelaide fist pumping the sky, it’s probably me I just met and got a photo with Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters.”

I was so pumped that I had no idea it was actually the Advertiser calling.  I thought it was a mate who had seen it on FB.  I spill my guts at 100 miles an hour telling who ever this is on the phone everything.  “This is the greatest day of my life.”  I tell them and mean it.  “Trust me I have had a lot of good days, but this one is the best.“ It is only about half way through that I realize that the questions are too structured to be a mate and it’s actually the Advertiser.  They ask me if I have any photos and I said, “Do I?  I’ve got Jack Black jumping for a Frisbee.”
“Can you send them to us?”
“Yeah sure.” thinking that might turn up in a social pages or Confidential at best.

I get home on the high of high’s retelling the story to my Rock Compadres for the evening, Frehd Starr, Demi Lardner & Jason Pestell.  When I show the photos of Jack to Local Adelaide Comic and Tenacious D die hard Demi Lardner, Demi cries.  We all walk into the gig and I tell them in detail what happened, Demi cries again.  Tenacious D begin to play after hours of waiting and burning in the sun.  Demi Cries.  We get Demi on the walk way barrier and Tenacious D begin to sing.  Demi cries, I cry, Maggie Laughed.  She is such a trouper.  I make a note, Simpsons references go down better than Justin Timberlake references at Foo gigs.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pLl4fh52l0&w=620]


For those wondering what those 2 new Tenacious D songs were.  Here they are filmed in Adelaide.  I should warn you that if you didn’t see the show and you like songs to be a surprise when you hear them for the first time.  Don’t watch this.  Quality is a bit shit.  Fo everyone else who want’s to reminice here they are.  The first song is tribute to the unsung hero’s of Rock n Roll the Roadie!  My fav Roadie is Shaun.  Best beard in the business.  Sorry, The Beards. The other will be the theme song for Trav Nash’s Melbourne Comedy Room “Death Star”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-H4tYo0ucE&w=620]


Yes Jack Black, you are indeed as you said on that day… “The Sir Donald Bradman of Rock n Roll.”

and yes the Foo’s are amazing yet again.  I’m not going to waste your time with a review of the show.  Of course I loved it.  It was the greatest show ever.  Just like the 9 shows before them.  My review would be worthless.  This blog isn’t about that though.  It’s about me being a Fan of this….

That night I come home and post on Facebook…

“If I wake up tomorrow and it’s still Monday Morning and none of this has happened, I won’t be surprised.  It’s all too good to be true.  Was it all a wonderful dream?”


Tues 6th of DecFooxing Day
I wake up and post this on Facebook…

“Good Morning Everyone. Happy Fooxing Day. (Grohlmas Recovery Day) Thanks to all the lovely comments on FB.  I’m in the Advertiser Today Page 3 with Dave so it must have happened.  Half Page article about my meeting with Dave Grohl and the photo’s I took of Jack Black Playing Frisbee. Page 3. Does that make me a page 3 girl? I seriously hope they had the morning paper delivered to their rooms this morning.”

Page 3.  Wow and it’s a big article and now the whole town knows I met my hero on Facebook and it’s freaking page 3.  Why was it not on the Front page I will never know. Ha Ha!   I had a lot of people saying I should have been paid for the photos.  Seriously I got enough for the AC Publicity by wearing to Adelaide Comedy T~Shirt in the photo and it was more than enough for me to be able to share the Foo Love with the city.  Page 3 is one of the biggest “Likes” you can get!  The best thing about this piece of happiness is that ever since I have had people coming up to me with the same look on their face as I’ve got on mine.  They are really truly happy that I’m happy.  On Facebook anyway, it’s about the closest thing I have ever had to a wedding day.

Matthew Parkes You can go die a happy man now Craig, there is nothing more for you to do in this world I’m guessing?

Craig Egan Yep I’ve transformed into a Ball of Light and moved on to another Galaxy.   Just remember Comedy Doesn’t Finish when the Super Nova Does!

Jumping Jack Black leaps into town Advertiser Article.


Wed 7th of Dec
In Your Honor Uncle Steve.

In a massive change of pace I had the honor of doing a reading in a church at my very much loved Uncle Steve’s Funeral.  The man who gave me my earliest memories of what it is to be creative.   He was a Gentle Soul who had the heart of a Warrior.  He was an Art Teacher at Cardign College and a sensational human being who struggled with disease for a lot of his life.  On this day people were talking about Steve still being here with them to watch over them and that he exited Loudly with a Thunderstorm on the night he died.  I love beautiful coincidences like that.  They happen so often in my life.  I’m not a religious guy at all but I’m a spiritual guy and I believe that there is more going on than what we can put our finger on.  I don’t really care about whether you believe that it was God’s work, or a Universal Energy or that in a world of infinite possibility co-incident’s are bound to happen.   What ever those beautiful coincidences are they are great to at least recognise and enjoy.  To be honest I have no idea if Uncle Steve turned me around at the last minute to get that photo with Dave but if you did have something to do with it.  Thanks mate.  That’s another one I owe you for.  Anyway, what ever it is after his huge battle, this was what my Uncle Steve had to say about life…

Love one another
“After going through my recent challenges and reflecting on all this the resounding message is that we’ve got to love each other!
We’ve got to express it to each other. Let the people in your life know that you love them without delay. You never know what’s around the corner in life, and too many years roll by without us telling the people we love how we feel. Tell your mother, your father, your family, your work mates, your classmates from school.
Let people know when they are doing great things. Let people know how much you appreciate their help. Show love and care in small ways, just a touch on the arm, or just a word. Help each other in any small way, sometimes the smallest gesture might have a profound impact on someones life.
Express your love for the people in your life however you can, tell them ‘I Love You’ or show them in more subtle ways, but make sure they know.”

Stephen Egan. 3.10.1953 ~ 29.11.2011

I think he was on to something…

Don’t worry, that night I went and put on the first of our Sold Out Shows for Jim Jefferies.
Anyone who had seen Jim Jefferies knows that I got an entirely balanced view of Religion that day.


Thurs 8th of Dec
The Wanking Man!

After another Sold Out Show with Jim and a Standing Ovation at Rhino and I still can’t take the, ‘I met Dave Grohl’ smile off my face.   We go out drinking and watching Jim randomly encountering Adelaidian’s in street.  Just as it looks like it’s gonna get out of control he immediately wins them over with his charm.  Fun, Funny and Dangerous!  I’m loving this.  Rock n Roll Comedy.  We get home at 2am to find a different kind of random encounter going on.

(For those who saw Greg Fleet this year you know about the Wanking Man that lives across from my house.  Unfortunately several times this year the poor boy can be seen extremely clearly going for gold in his open window from out our front door or on my balcony.  Fleety was the first to see it and it made his freakin year.  The message that was left on the Lounge Room Floor for me from Fleet when I woke up was “Egan make Sully from Uncharted 3 work again or I will not tell you about the wanking man.”  Fleety then went on to share the joy of the wanking man with about 500 people at the gigs that week.)

The Wanking Man is going Full Grohl at the window again.  Enough, was enough, this is the 15th time we have seen this going on in 3 months.  I just walked up to the window and said ‘Dude you can be seen.’ and walked back inside. The drop and roll was pretty awesome.  I’m sure it was 1 moment of horror for the poor boy but it seriously had to be done. If it had gone on much longer we would have had perverts sitting out there on beanbags treating it like Moonlight cinema.  It was better that it came from me than an angry letter to his mum which I’m sure my neighbors would have done, given time. I have never felt more like Mickey D’s Dad.

Wanking Man if you read this and realize that it is you, please don’t feel ashamed.  I have been single all year and treating my self like a superstar most nights in the room directly across from you.  We all do it.  We just don’t stand at an open window and with a light behind us and project it to the neighborhood like a very lonely Bat Symbol.  We probably don’t write about in Blogs either.  By the way everyone who has seen it has remarked he must have a Massive Cock!  So take some joy in that.  We all now miss you.  What have I done?


Fri 9th of Dec

Should be working but spend the day writing this Blog.  Another sold out Adelaide Comedy show is followed by more drinking with Jim Jefferies.  Jim bumps in to his mate Tim Freedman from the Whitlams who sits down to have a drink with us.  “A lovely eternal nightcap.”  Jason Pestell remarks.  Yep this week just keeps delivering the goods.


Sat 9th of Dec

I finished these wonderful 8 or 9 days of my life with another Sold Out Jim Jefferies Show, knowing that the biggest show is coming tomorrow and that is Sold Out as well.

Not only that it is my best friend Mick Krieg’s (The Owner, Operator and Soul of the Rhino Room) and his beautiful Fiance Rachel Roger’s Engagement party.  The first time I met Rachel Rogers I said “Oh my god you are a Super Hero’s Girl friend!  She asked me why and I told her because of the same letter at the beginning of each of your names like Lois Lane, Vicky Vale & Pepper Potts.  You are Rachel Rogers.  You are a Super Hero’s Girlfriend.  I couldn’t have been more right.

Earlier this year, out of the blue, I told Mick how much I love Rach and think that your relationship is amazing.  “I just think she is a great chick mate.” I told him.  Mick said, “Well that’s good because I’m going to ask her to Marry Me while I’m away.”  I screamed like Dave Grohl had entered the room.

Rach I love you and your relationship with Mick, in the same way as I love the way I heard “Bridges Burning” for the first time with Frehd.  I knew it was awesome before I knew what it was.  Congratulations to you both from the entire Adelaide Comedy scene we wish you a long and happy life together.


So all that happened and we managed to sell out over 1000 seats at the Adelaide Comedy gigs for Jim Jefferies.  2nd time we have ever done it and it was even bigger than the last one.  Now, to fill the other 50 weeks of the year.  Bring it on 2012.  This was done with a man who the majority of Australians have no idea who he is.  He has never been on National TV and he will never be on breaky radio, the reason why we sold that many tickets is because he is great at what he does and thanks to the internet similar minded people can share that excellence.  Big thank you to Jim Jefferies for giving us our biggest week yet.  I love the world we are moving into where the people have the power to decide what they think is great and support it.  The Fans are in control of the asylum which is why it is so important to be a Fan of something.  I am a Fan.

My next goal?  I want to see if I can book Dave Grohl and The D to do an Adelaide Comedy gig.  Can you imagine Dave doing Stand Up?  Don’t worry Adelaide, I’m going to make that happen one day.  I’m putting it out in to the ether.  All right Universe?  You have a new mission on the table.  What’s more, this week looks just as great.  My old friends Dave Callan and Justin Hamilton are in town to close the year.  Justin has just told me that he got a chance to meet his No.2, George Clooney.  Merry Clooneymas Hammo!  We look forward to hearing all about it at the gigs this week.  Dave Callan and I are DJ’ing in the last CRASH (our little comedian dance party) of the year on Friday at Rhino all are welcome.  Sunday we have the Christmas Party and next Tuesday is the Adelaide Comedy Awards with Tom Gleeson.  Each week of Adelaide Comedy is bright and shiny for its own reasons but this last one.  Wow!  You really turned it on.

Oh by the way this week I found out I was a Public Figure on Facebook and liked myself.
It read “Craig Egan likes Craig Egan.”   Wanking man would be proud.
I’m not sure if that is considered healthy or conceited?
Either way it’s a bit weird, but it seems appropriate this week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. I just shared in so much joy this week and felt I needed to share it.

Merry Grohlmas and A Happy Foo Year to you all.
Just remember I Love You and I think you are doing amazing things.
Your Biggest Fan

Craig Egan.


PS Zander Chugg’s latest post reads. “Hey everyone i think you could all be good rock stars too!”  Thanks little buddy.


At the moment I finish this it has been 7 days 8 hours 46mins and 7 secs since I last saw the Foo Fighters.

I only know this thanks to these girls… Another Great Foo Story from a couple of Adelaide girls?

Tears of Foo…http://grohly-bear.tumblr.com/foofighters

Also Dave Grohl has written his own Blog to say thanks.  To me and you and everyone who loves Foo.




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