The Leadup to Fringe (by Angus Hodge)

Angus Hodge took a welcome 45 minutes out of his Fringe preparation to write this. He’ll talk to you when he’s written the other 28 minutes of his show.


June: Start to worry about Fringe registration – It is, after all, only 4 months away.

July: Figure out what kind of show you want to do – make foolish choices about who you want to do it with.

August: Change your mind and toy with the idea of not doing a show at all – realise you might as well, as you have nothing better to do.

September: Come up with a show title; change it. Come up with a show theme; change it. Come up with a description for the Fringe guide; change it.

October: Register your Fringe show; regret it.

November: Realise you have 20 minutes of material you actually like.

December: Relax for 3 weeks over Christmas and get no show writing done. Realise in mid February that this is where you went wrong.

January: Sit in front of your computer with a word document open – the document is blank except for your show title at the top. Watch the first episode of ‘Lost’ to procrastinate.

February: Finish season 6 of ‘Lost’. Do your Fringe preview and realise you might actually be OK.

March: Fringe. Don’t sleep enough. Worry. Eat Junk food. Drink too much beer. Destroy half your personal relationships. Try and find time to do your show in between.

April: Recovery month. Try to eat fruit and vegetables and avoid illness. Fail at both.

May: Come out of your post Fringe coma and realize you have 9 months until the next one.

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