Adelaide Comedy's New Social Media Strategy (By Chris Knight)

It’s time to shake off the post-Fringe blues and get back into comedy again, specifically by reading the Adelaide Comedy Blog! And appropriately, Chris Knight has decided to share the minutes of a seminar given to the Adelaide Comedy crew about Social Media Optimisation:

Alright, is everyone here? Okay. You’re recording? Let’s start. Okay comedy people, I think you all know why we’re here. Oh, most of you don’t? Never mind. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jarrod S. Compton. The S is for Social Media which is followed by a dot Com… pton.

That’s alright. Unlike all of you comedy types, I don’t need laughter. I don’t need it because I get results. Show of hands: Who here has a Facebook page? And who has Facebook friends? Wrong! You have POSMAC, which stands for POtential Social MediA Currency. That’s right, even your Mum is a POSMAC.

Please calm down. No, I don’t want to hear what my mother—that is disgust—oh, you’re still—ah. Yes. I don’t think I meant what you think I did. At least you all seem very inventive with language. That will help later on in the social media framework.

Going forward, capitalising on your POSMACS is like investing on the stock exchange. You could say it’s like Facebook Wall… Street!

Not laughing is, again, fine, but please tell those three to stop throwing the butter sachets. It may stain my suit. Where was I? Twitter is a platform, but like all platforms, the more trains, the faster you can travel. Please stop telling me I’m wrong.

Twitter followers are vastly important, particularly for comedians. I have read numerous articles on this. The Venn diagram for comedy and Twitter, here, shows—please don’t take my pen—please don’t draw on the whiteboard—that does look a lot like me, actually.

Now try this: Take an Instagram picture of something you want to buzz, and cross-post it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and then print out a QR code sticker with a link to subscribe to your YouTube channel. It’s simple.

What’s that? An Instagram photo of—I, ah—I apologise for the dry retching. Please, stop throwing jam packets. I know I only specified butter earlier, but still.

In closing, I hate you all. Goodbye.

At this point, the symposium abruptly ended. The recording contains nothing after this except the feedback whine of a headset microphone cast angrily on a conference table.

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