15 Things Comedians Talk About When Not Onstage (by Angus Hodge)

Just this once, you, the general public, can get this sneak peek behind the scenes at Adelaide Comedy! Yes, it’s…

15 Things Comedians Talk About When Not Onstage

·The difference between men and mermen

·Zambreros vs. Hungry Jacks: Which we can afford less

·‘How many Pale Ales can I drink instead of listening to this 5 minute set?’

·Who would win in a fight between The Riddler and Ainsley Harriott

·Anything but Steve Martin’s ‘Born Standing Up’

·The understated hilarity of Humphrey B. Bear, and whether it compares to the over-the-top hilarity of Fozzie Bear

·Which is a funnier word: ‘natter’ or ‘chinwag’

·Whether zany hats are considered ‘funny’ again

·If writing 5 minutes on Top Gun is outdated


·What that one song is which goes ‘Pow pa pa poh waw shigaa-dig boom’. Seriously, I’ve had it stuck in my head for days. If you know, write it on my Facebook wall.

·Why that other guy got that one opportunity to do a gig even though I have had many gigs they have not been a part of

·The difference between ‘Kosher’ and ‘Halal’ and where soft serve falls into the spectrum

·Nutrition and how it’s too much effort



(by Angus Hodge)

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