Wake Up Adelaide! It’s Cold and Will Be For A While (by Craig Egan)

All right Adelaide Listen Up!  I know it’s cold, I know it’s nice and warm in your bed but seriously Fire Up! You do this every year after Fringe. It gets cold and you hibernate for a month. Then you all get bored and come out again. I’ve watched you do this for 10 years. This really hurts your local artists like the Adelaide Comedy Gigs and I’m sure plenty of others. Yep it’s cold and it’s gonna be for a while. Put on ya thermals come out for a laugh and you won’t be so miserable in June. I’m totally having a go at you Adelaide. You are my home town and I love you but stop being such a Pussy! Take a risk on something you have never done before and you never know this might just be a fun town to live in all year around not just in Feb and March. Promoters wont skip this town when doing Australian tours. The Power is in your hands all you have to do is get out of your house and support something. This wont apply to everyone who reads this but if its you, take a risk and you might just find your new fav artist comes from this town.

It’s still me, Craig Egan your happy, friendly, neighborhood comedy promoter.  I’m not angry, I just feel that this needed to be said in no uncertain terms. The other day I heard a music promoter say “Yeah look I’d like to bring stuff to Adelaide but realistically I might as well drop $10,000 on the tarmac and forget about it. At least then I would still have my day.” I also hear a lot of people say why is there nothing to do in Adelaide?  It annoys the hell out of me when I hear that. You are the master of your own destiny Adelaide. I’m putting a Rocket Under your Arse because I love you. I wouldn’t waste my time and I wouldn’t have lived on the bones of my arse for the last 10 years if I didn’t. You have the potential to be an amazing city with a big attitude change from a lot of people. Hopefully that starts here. Unfortunately most of my friends and the Adelaide Comedy Fans are anything but that so I know I’m preaching to the converted but lets all get out there and start changing people’s minds shall we? Then in 2015 we can all look back and say remember what Adelaide used to be like, my how we’ve grown. Oh and Comedy Doesn’t Finish When The Fringe Does, just in case you still didn’t get the memo.  Egan Out!

This has been a Rant™ by Craig Egan.


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