17 Reasons To Watch A Laughing Matter (by Marcus Doherty)

A Laughing Matter is a brand new South Australian sketch comedy series written by and starring local comedians! Featuring the work of around 100 Adelaide artists, our cast includes such popular comics as Angus Hodge, Kel Balnaves, James McCann, Leigh Qurban, Pires Eddy, Paul Stalenhoef and Golden Phung member Roy Phung, as well as a special guest appearance from the legendary Greg Fleet!

…not convinced yet? Well then, let me introduce you to a few of the colourful, original and hilarious characters you’ll come across if you tune into the program Wednesday nights at 9:30PM on Channel 44…


  1. A young man who suffers from a rare sleeping disorder in which he becomes convinced that he is a Nazi war criminal.
  2. A Catholic priest who delights in baptising unoccupied children in his spare time.
  3. Six elite athletes taking part in the 20th Annual Egg and Spoon Race Championship.
  4. Depressed, D-grade celebrity Harry Potter, attempting to stage a comeback by auditioning for Dancing with the Stars.
  5. An At the Movies-style review show in which issues of sexism and homoerotic subtext always manage to worm their way into the discussion.
  6. A celebrity cannibal chef, presenting a terrified victim he prepared earlier.
  7. A psychiatrist who passionately loathes the entire human race.
  8. The gifted cast of a multimillion-dollar postmodern pornographic musical.
  9. A blind date who refuses to eat anything but freshly chopped ice cubes.
  10. Three adorable children on an extremely competitive and politically incorrect kids’ game show.
  11. A socially awkward chemical engineering student determined to become Adelaide’s first real superhero.
  12. A dementia-ridden Father Christmas.
  13. Popular 50s barbershop group the Cloud Nine Cats, performing such hits as ‘Why Isn’t My Wife in the Kitchen?’ and ‘I Think My Neighbour is a Communist’!
  14. The Rundle Mall street preachers.
  15. A British rock star who writes a poignant ballad about those pour souls who have braces put on their teeth after leaving high school.
  16. Renowned archaeologist Dr Morgan Freeman (no relation).
  17. A young male secretary who was tragically born with a blurred face.

Each episode of this program is packed full of creative characters, absurd situations and hilarious observations on all aspects of everyday life. To catch these characters and many more being portrayed by a talented cast of local up-and-comers, check out A Laughing Matter on Wednesday nights, airing 9:30PM on Channel 44!

For more information, check out our Facebook page and watch our video promo:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUkw3B4TviA&w=620]

(by Marcus Doherty)

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