Are Sexist Guns Corrupting Racist Geeks with Drugs in Comedy? (by Chris Knight)

Oh, hello. I was going to write about a hard-hitting issue, fraught (yes, fraught!) with opinions on either side, yet confident I could be the one clear voice of reason. My perennial promise to you, the reader, is to forge through the icy seas of uncertainty in search of truth, or at least a horse high enough from which to gain a good viewpoint.

But why, with the skills in rhetoric, wit and moral fortitude I possess, would I choose only one issue? Thus I have chosen a multi-part topic and given it a buzz-friendly title: ‘Are Sexist Guns Corrupting Racist Geeks with Drugs in Comedy?’ Take that, myriad other bloggers in the Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress-o-spheres. I’m taking the establishment down on multiple fronts, at one fell swoop. Buckle in.

Too long has/have this/these issue/s been overlooked.

According to a recent post by one of my favourite pacifem-nerdmedian blogs, it all begins with a manner of militaristic/patriarchal/crypto-racist thinking that is endemic to geeks, and has been spreading epidemically to comedians and bloggers over the last few years, threatening to become a pandemic. Sexist gun geeks are using the stage to promote their racist ideas under the safety blanket of ‘comedy’.

Well, I am here to say that this is not on. Just not on at all.

I cannot speak of this issue without addressing the issue of ‘Fake Female Racist Gun Geeks’, who pop up in almost every sitcom and sketch show these days. Is it a meme? Is it an actual thing? Has it been deconstructed by every message board and comments section Internet-wide already, with backlash upon backlash upon lash upon back? Perhaps.

Also, I believe it is time I name-checked Louis CK and Sarah Silverman. And what of Lena Dunham and her relationship to ventriloquist Jeff Dunham? Can there be a genuine relationship between ventriloquism and comedy? These guns and secret drugs are corrupting the minds of geeks, impressionable girls and The Youth; and they are completely destroying the holy sanctity of the comedy stage. Where does Barack Obama stand, and why won’t he sign legislation on this/these important issue(s)?

Also, the Pope.

Closer to home, did anyone watch that Q&A episode where someone brought the topic up to Tony Abbott and he was all like, ‘Hey, I’m neither a racist gun nut, nor am I misogynist, nor do I pose as a geek or make jokes about those who do so’, but everyone could tell he was shaken to his core? A good moment.

What is happening to the comedians in all this? They are the ones who suffer most, presumed to be sexist gun geeks or the opposite, yet society frowns on making jokes about it. Just once, I wish someone had my courage: the ability to stand on a stage and say, ‘Watch out, things are going to get controversial’, then proceed to preach to the choir with malformed opinions and generally be unfunny.

But no, instead I must write inflammatory blog posts on hot-button topics that make as many people as outraged as possible, all in order to feed the flames of a controversy no-one really cares about and garner web-clicks. My work here is done. Tally-ho, high horse, tally-ho!

(By Chris Knight)

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