11 Signs You Might Be A Crow-Eater!

1. You order pies with ‘the beaks on the side’.

2. You refer to yourself as a ‘Corvophage.’

3. You often fear crows may attack in reprisal for your many meals.

4. You have specific techniques for omelettes, scrambled, poached, boiled and fried crow-eggs.

5. You can tell the difference between ravens and crows every time in a blind taste-test.

6. When you saw all the ravens in Game of Thrones, you wondered whether we could create a crow-related messaging system. Then you shrugged and ate another juicy wing.

7. You regularly utter the common catchphrase: ‘I’m so hungry I could murder a murder [of crows].’

8. You know how to set up a smoked-fish or spirit-soaked-grain net trap in your sleep.

9. In your mind, KFC would taste better if they changed what the ‘C’ stands for.

10. Instead of a parmy at the local pub, you tend to order a ‘Mount Barker Pheasant’ while tapping your nose and winking a lot at the bartender.

11. You kill, cook and eat crows.

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