AdelaideComedy.Com Facebook Stories for Word Adelaide Festival

Last week Word Adelaide & gave away a money-can’t-buy meet and greet with Matt Lucas from Little Britain on Sat 17th August and tickets to see Kitty Flanagan at the Gov on August 15th

All the Facebook entrants had to do was tell us a funny story about Adelaide. Anything… it just had to have Adelaide in it. Here’s the winner and some of the runner-up entries:


Mikyla Gilbert:

“I miss the old Adelaide airport where you could walk along the Tarmac. Except on one return trip from Brisbane I arrived in Adelaide confined to a wheel chair (complete with word SPECIAL on the back). My husband still cracks up when remembering a forklift getting me out of the plane in my SPECIAL wheel chair! Way more fun than an air bridge any day!”


Charles Maddison:

“Why is the road to Adelaide Airport called Sir Donald Bradman Drive? Because “Sir Donald Bradman Hook” didn’t make the cut.

The nice thing is, it can be a Bradman on-drive or a Bradman off-drive, depending on where you’re located.”

Rio Halfers:

“There was a young lady from Adelaide
Who thought the theory of 6 degrees was overplayed
She walked past the balls
that reside in the mall
And in the reflection she saw everyone she ever laid.”

Brett Tasker:

“I legitimately had a dream a few months ago that Arnold Schwartzeneggar became Adelaide’s political leader and he put a massive tax on protein powder and my gym junky housemate cried.”

Mia Santarelli:

“I would like to share funny story growing up in Adelaide and all the culinary feasts from our own backyard. We are proudly the Italian/Australians that was caught in a time warp in Adelaide. We grew up making our own sauce, having our own chickens , eggs and having a pig hanging from our garage once a year. We were introduced to the wooden spoon at an early age boy did that thing fly. Our neighbours wouldn’t have suspected a thing , well until we their children came to visit. I loved my childhood in Adelaide even more so now.”

Ingrid Geerling:

“Adelaide is so Drabelaide…but I love it! Where else in the world could you stand on a beach with 2000 others awaiting the catastrophic ‘tidal wave’ predicted in a dream by a Victorian house painter. While some people prayed, others counted their worry beads, laid bets or scoffed at the likelihood… but our shorty pink shorts-wearing Premier (1976) bravely joined the throng and told the crowd not to worry as there would be no such tidal wave. He was right. That day we learnt about believing in scientific evidence. Well done Don.”

Laura Hughes:

“Two words: Southern Expressway. Only Adelaide would build a one way freeway and then realise their mistake once it’s too late. It’s like they just want the other states to make fun of us.”

Deanna Formichella:

“It can only happen in Adelaide, the Southern Expressway that goes one way and then at 2pm it changes to go the other way, talk about confusion.”

Taylor Goodwin:

“Adelaide irony with the Clipsal 500, an idea to watch cars go fast, so we build it in the middle of the city and slow down every direction of traffic.”

Lora Brolese:

“They have pigs sitting in the mall in Adelaide!!!”

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