A Celeblogtion of Adelaide Comedy’s 2013 from Craig Egan

After a 3 week break from Adelaide Comedy over Xmas and New Year filled with family and little kids and big kids and love and fun and learning and camping and music festival’s, closely followed by a week of Hyper~Preparation for 2014…. I’m really inspired and excited to kick off the new year at Adelaide Comedy this week.

However before we do I thought I would take a moment to write down some of the epic memories from the 2013 that I shared in my speech at the Adelaide Comedy Awards. Dressed as Doctor Who’s 11th Doctor (the theme of the awards was your hero… formal) the 2012 Spirit of Adelaide Comedy Award winner Dave Campbell introduces me to the mic with the 11th’s Doctor’s Theme Music flying me on to the stage.


“Hello 2013 Adelaide Comedy Awards… I’m the Doctor.  I’ve just flown the TARDIS back from the 2014 Adelaide Comedy Awards where Greg Fleet has won ALL of  the Awards.  That’s right he decides to become an Adelaide Comedian in 2014 and has got a clean sweep of the bag.  Even best Newcomer!  I don’t know how he did it but congratulations Fleety.  I can’t stay long because I have a wedding  to get to after this (Only Whovians would have got that reference) but wow what a year 2013 has been for Adelaide Comedy.  Here are just some of the awesome events that happened to the Adelaide Comedy Community in 2013. Please feel free to let me know if you feel like I missed something…

One of our own Demi Lardner won the State, National and World Finals of Raw Comedy! What an achievement!!!  The entire community has been so proud of you. Then later in the year she got an invite to meet Royalty, a fricken Prince no less.  The invite was sent to me and Demi didn’t believe me when I first told her.  I remember yelling down the phone “It’s GOLD EMBOSSED!  People don’t Gold Emboss something if they don’t mean it.” Turns out she didn’t end up meeting the prince but she did meet her new best mate.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP7mtKy1CGU]


Adelaide Super Surrealist Sam Simmons got on Conan O’Brien and we got to watch the awesomeness of Sam get unleashed on Americans for the first time.  Sheer Joy reading the comments of polarised extreme love and hate was exactly how Sam should be welcomed to America.  Click Here to See the Vid.

Love was in the air as Bec Hill was proposed to live on stage by Gavin J Innes in Edinburgh, David Draven proposed to Madeline Joy Vawser on stage at Rhino Room & Chris Knight and Marina got engaged. Dj Ian and Jordan also  became the wonderful parents of the gorgeous little Ruby.
Justin Hamilton got his own TV Show on the Comedy Channel “Stand Ups Sit Down.”  Taking his excellent Podcast Can You Take this Photo Please? to the Small Screen.

[youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WSZOJcDuS4]

Greg Fleet wore a Giraffe onsie at Adelaide Comedy’s 13th Birthday show.
Brandon J Mannarino grew a beard and assassinated his sex life. Dave Campbell grew a beard and repeatedly shot the already dead corpse of his sex life.

I was nominated as one of Adelaide’s Most Eligible Bachelors and didn’t get laid for the rest of the year.

Adelaide Comedy the business got a make over with a new venue and new times, a new website, new app, new accounting system and much much more.  “Everything Changes” was the theme of AC’s 13th birthday.  It should have been Everything Continues To Change!  It’s always growing, always breathing, always new variables and challenges which makes the job exhaustingly fun!

Kids were really welcomed in to Adelaide Comedy in 2013.  Bev Killick brought a 10 year old boy on stage to tell his first joke in front of a crowd.  Amos Gill went around the world recording a kids show for ABC 3. The Adelaide Comedy for kids shows organised by Angus Hodge were brilliant.  Every one was awesome! The only person to swear was a mum in the audience when she saw Fabien Clark’s Snake.  She let out an incredibly loud “FUCK” and then ran from the room in fear.  The comedians all breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t one of us who swore.  I also had a great moment while setting up Rhino Room when a little girl about 5 years of age poked her head through the gallery door in to Rhino Room and with all the wonder in the world said “WOW!”
Yeah little girl that’s how I feel about it too.1239758_10151898599627363_1115001333_n1009747_10151756697732363_1150981433_n988372_10151748179526470_696620389_n

We were all proud of the Adelaide Comedians as we watched them branch out to new challenges and recieve great accolades for it. Georgie Carroll and Lori Bell for going to extra step and booking a Theatre Show in Adelaide. SA was represented by 2 comedians Ivan Aristeguieta and Amos Gill at the Melbourne International Comedy Festivals Comedy Zone. Deb Bland performed at Deadly Funny at MICF. Adelaide Comedians made up ALL of the Nominees for best newcomer at the Fringe and of course Wolf Creek The Musical won the Best Newcomer.  The Phung got a 5 star review at fringe for the second year in a row and Andrew Crupi went to…..Italy to study “Commedia” Angus Hodge, Demi Lardner and James McCann all made the move to Melbourne.  Liz Cahalan organised Burlesque girls the MICF Gala with an Awesome Bollywood number with Dave Callan.

A Beards Film Clip reached 1 Million Views.  It’s now almost up to 2 Million.
[youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmFnarFSj_U]

Dave Campbell found a Dollar.

Joshua Cruse wore pants!

Eliza Thomas Organised a charity event at Rhino to raise money for the South Australian Vietnamese charity Group, which doubled their money for the year, literally saving a bunch of lives.

Trevor Tao writes a hit single
[youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfmPrqShBDA]

Aija Rae Sold a bag of “tobacco” to someone in ‘OVO’ Circque du soleil and got 7th row tickets for free.

An actual owl appeared behind the Howling Owl during Fringe and now we all live in fear that an actual Rhino is on it’s way. 388516_10151574159317363_925903631_n

Thanks to Adelaide Comedy Nick O’Connell felt like belonged to something for the first time.

THE GOAT! I gave a gig to a Goat!  I actually had to cancel other acts to give Gary the Goat a Gig. One thing I will always have from promoting the Adelaide Comedy gigs is the moment when a comedian came up to me and said “Craig did you give my gig away to a goat?” Yes. Yes I did.  One of my proudest moments.
My karma? The goat head butted me and almost got loose in Urban Cow.
A Goat and Ross Noble played little old Rhino it was a big year!

Lindsay Webb hosted 2 of the Rhino Room Late Shows at the same time!  Something I’m sure you will agree could have only be done with the help of the Doctor.


I almost got punched by an electrician… See Justin Hamilton’s Blog

Mickey D is only 4 kilos heavier than I am!  Can’t wait to see that in 2014.  Well done Marathon Man.

In August 2013 Fabien Clark’s snake bit a pregnant lady, everyone was fine, no one was sued!
(Later that night Fabien was to become the Adelaide Comedian of the year for 2013. Everyone was fine no one was sued.)
In 2013 Adelaide Comedy gave me the chance to fulfill 4 life long dreams…
Hanging out with Jack Black for a night.
Spending a week with 2 of my heroes Doctor Who and a Muppet
Continuing to provide a place for the next generation of hilarious funny Adelaide Artists to grow and achieve their dreams through working with their heroes.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all the people that worked tirelessly to make Adelaide Comedy the incredible community of Joy Bringers that it was in 2013. In particular I would like thank the A~Team David & Karen Hyland, Wayne and Leanne Hiller and Beth Marshall for being our finest supporters. Jason Chong for all his hard work on reinventing the Adelaide Comedy Website. Koralinne Chandler for her boot camp of PR work that she did for us in the middle of the year. Sienna Dean for redesigning the look and style of Adelaide Comedy. Jason Pestell for looking after the Adelaide Comedy Corporate Branch and for being a moral barometer.  Mike Klimczak for Tech Support and for throwing me a rope. Justin Hamilton for being a great friend, sounding board and advisor for me and Adelaide Comedy.  Jon Brooks and Kassie Affede for PR in the 2nd part of the year.  Angus Hodge for looking after Adelaide Comedy for Kids. Chris Knight for looking after the Adelaide Comedy Blog. Bridget Fahey for looking after the Adelaide Comedy You Tube Chanel.  Daisy Krahe for being my excellent PA.  Mick Krieg and Shari Hazeldene creating the spirit of Rhino Room by being who they are.  Glenn Aikman and Jacki J from the Marion and Ark and Damien from the Gully for being such great supporters and partners with the suburban venues.  All the door staff, bartenders and managers at the venues, the audience for coming, the visiting comedians for bringing new ideas in to the scene all the time and the Adelaide comedians for being so incredibly creative and for sharing the passion for celebrating funny people and My Dad.

I would now like to Award the Spirit of Adelaide Comedy Award for 2013 to Lauren “Lolly Dolly” Thiel.  Lolly has been an incredible supporter of me and the Adelaide Comedy in 2013 from behind the scenes.  She has worked very hard to provide the foundation for Adelaide Comedy to stand on it’s own 2 feet for many years to come.  I knew that things needed to change to keep the scene running and growing this year.  Lolly has been the key to that change.  We can all thank Lauren Thiel for her work in setting Adelaide Comedy on the right track to become a viable business for many years to come from behind the scenes.  Thanks Angel. I love this job because I get to work with people like you. This Award also goes to all the partners of the comedians every year. The wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, mums and dads and friends.  Anyone who stands behind a funny person and supports them in doing what they love. You win this award every year.”



Just after my speech Dave Callan gave me a present on behalf of the scene to say thanks for running the gigs.  It was a TARDIS ONSIE!  The first words that came out of my mouth were “I’m so going to wear this on stage at Falls Festival!”  I had to apply for permission from the Falls Festival to wear it while I was working on NYE.  They said yes as long as I did the job so I wore it with the idea very strongly in my mind that, “I am a TARDIS I’m here to help People.”1511289_10152131155327363_1764293902_n

The last thing I did in 2013 was run down these stairs dressed as the TARDIS to a group of 6 people who were lined up in a dark alley way to get on the VIP platform at Falls Festival with an incredible view over the crowd and yelled, “I’m not going to let you miss out on New Years!” dragging all of them upstairs to see the party with 5 secs to go. I then gave Amos Gill a big Kiss HAPPY NEW YEAR!
What have I learned from 2013?
“I’m here to help people.”
Craig Egan

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