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What’s On At The Adelaide Comedy Gigs?

Weekly gigs include the Adelaide Comedy Showcase every Friday at Rhino Room for the last 22 Years making it the longest running show in SA and Laugh Lab every Monday at Rhino Room. Subscribe for your first tix free, weekly cheap deals & much more.

Laugh Lab

Come and watch a mix of new and professional testing material at Adelaide’s Laugh Lab! Each week we hand-pick some of the best local comedians, alongside an assortment of open…

Damian Callinan features the Adelaide Comedy Showcase Dec 2nd

Aussie Comedy Legend Damian Callinan features the Adelaide Comedy Showcase supported by some of Adelaide’s fav local comedians.

Lindsay Webb features the Adelaide Comedy Showcase Dec 9th

7pm Dec 9th at Rhino Room supported by some of the funniest comedians in Adelaide.

The Lindsay 5000 Dec 10th

Lindsay Webb is about to do his 5000 gig in his career live at Rhino Room Dec 10th What better place to do this than his home away from Home,…

Rhino Room Late Show – Fringe 2023 Tix on Sale Dec 6th

Don’t miss the longest running show at the Adelaide Fringe now in it’s 23rd year! This South Australian institution in the home of Adelaide Comedy features around 100 comics over…

Marion Hotel Sunday Sessions : Tix on Sale Dec 6th

Adelaide Comedy has been bringing the Fringe to the southern suburbs since 2010! Don’t miss another 4 laid back afternoons of laughs featuring the funniest comedians in the festival with…

Lost in Translation – On Sale Dec 6th

Your favourite films, translated badly…Lost in Translation takes classic film scripts, runs them through an online translator a dozen times, and reads the results live on stage in character! ★★★★…

Lloyd Langford – Current Mood. On Sale Dec 2nd

Apart from chomping at the bit to be back touring, Lloyd Langford is almost certainly feeling one or more of the following moods; cheeky, baffled, exhausted, curious, and absolutely sick…

Michael Hing – Long Live the Hing. On Sale Dec 2nd.

An incredible comedy show by the biggest, strongest, smartest and most beautiful comedian this country has ever produced. Audiences want to watch him, comedians want to be him. Reviewers are…

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Walking through the doors of the Rhino Room always reminds me of what I like about comedy. In the dirty little green room all are equal. Reputations are left at the door. New comics swap punch-lines with people you would normally only see on the TV. But if a comedian is killing on stage, then the backstage empties and every comic is found side stage, watching, laughing, riding the energy of the gig. The outside world doesn’t exist. It’s all about the show.

Wil Anderson

I love the Rhino Room because it’s the best comedy room in Adelaide. As for the bar … I can always remember walking in but I can never remember walking out. Too much fun.

Tom GleesonGold Logie Winner, Hard Chat and Hard Quiz

What I love about the Adelaide Comedy Gigs is that apart from the providing the opportunity to see top-line comedy acts at about half the price you would pay to see them during the Fringe. There’s somewhere I can go to forget my troubles for a few hours and have a good laugh. It’s the best form of therapy I know! And as a regular comedygoer, it’s fascinating to watch the comedians (and even individual jokes) develop over time. Plus there’s the satisfaction of knowing that when some of the current crew make it big (which they will), I’ll be able to say “I saw them before they were famous…”

David Hyland

I love Adelaide Comedy because it is a symbol of fun, laughter, friendship and family. It has given me so many wonderful memories in the past few years, and I know it will always be a part of my laugh, whether I be behind the scenes or in the audience. So much love for AC and everyone who help to make it happen.

Lauren ‘Lolly Dolly’ Thiel

The Rhino Room is not only a great venue to see comedy; it’s also THE place to go for a drink if you want to view the comedians in their natural habitat.

Arj Barker

The perfect comedy oasis for great comics to play and create.

Greg Fleet
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A Tribute To The Old Rhino Room

In 2017 the old Rhino Room in Frome St was demolished to make way for progress. Some of the people who loved the Rhino for 20 years banded together to create this tribute to the old girl. Rhino Room has now moved to 131 Pirie St where you can see live comedy every week of the year. Help us start a whole new history for Adelaide’s favourite laugh factory.