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I wish I had…

By Matt Vesely I wish I had a small robot companion named Horatio who followed me around everywhere and performed menial tasks for me and learnt to love. Seriously, it’d be pretty flippin’ great. Can you imagine what life would be like with a small robot companion? One that follows you around? And performs menial Continue Reading

The Time I Drank Too Much

By Nick O’Connell Rules and regulations are the glue that holds the fabric of society together. If people don’t follow the law, total chaos will reign. Unless those laws are about alcohol, then people will treat those laws with the same respect Andrew Bolt shows towards journalistic and basic human integrity. From 1920 to 1933, Continue Reading

Why I Stopped Writing Blogs

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to re-evaluate everything. That time was a year ago for me. That’s when I stopped writing blogs. Sure, I still use the Internet like any other person, using social media, checking sites, tweeting, writing blogs and watching videos. But I’ve stopped writing blogs. When I Continue Reading

17 Web Headlines That Prove Clickbaiters Are Losing It (Number Three Made Me Bawl Like An Injured Dingo Puppy)

‘Clickbait’ refers to web headlines written in such a way as to pique one’s curiosity (make you click it) by leaving out the type of information usually included or expected in, you know, headlines. But are these clickbaiters aware of the toll it is taking on them? Click through and find out!   It Looked Continue Reading

Hardball Interviews: Groot

We all know Groot, the sentient tree member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. But how much do we really know about him? Who, really, am Groot? I sat down recently to have a face-to-bark conversation.   So, Groot, what’s been happening recently? I am Groot. That’s fascinating. The movie seems to be doing well, Continue Reading

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