What They’re Saying

Walking through the doors of the Rhino Room always reminds me of what I like about comedy. In the dirty little green room all are equal. Reputations are left at the door. New comics swap punch-lines with people you would normally only see on the TV. But if a comedian is killing on stage, then the backstage empties and every comic is found side stage, watching, laughing, riding the energy of the gig. The outside world doesn’t exist. It’s all about the show.

Wil Anderson

I love the Rhino Room because it’s the best comedy room in Adelaide. As for the bar … I can always remember walking in but I can never remember walking out. Too much fun.

Tom GleesonGold Logie Winner, Hard Chat and Hard Quiz

The Rhino Room is not only a great venue to see comedy; it’s also THE place to go for a drink if you want to view the comedians in their natural habitat.

Arj BarkerAmerican Comedian

The perfect comedy oasis for great comics to play and create.

Greg Fleet

Seriously, you guys have the most thriving comedy scene I’ve seen since Sydney in the early 90s

Mikey Robins

I love Adelaide Comedy because it is a symbol of fun, laughter, friendship and family. It has given me so many wonderful memories in the past few years, and I know it will always be a part of my laugh, whether I be behind the scenes or in the audience. So much love for AC and everyone who help to make it happen.

Lauren ‘Lolly Dolly’ Thiel

What I love about the Adelaide Comedy Gigs is that apart from the providing the opportunity to see top-line comedy acts at about half the price you would pay to see them during the Fringe. There’s somewhere I can go to forget my troubles for a few hours and have a good laugh. It’s the best form of therapy I know! And as a regular comedygoer, it’s fascinating to watch the comedians (and even individual jokes) develop over time. Plus there’s the satisfaction of knowing that when some of the current crew make it big (which they will), I’ll be able to say “I saw them before they were famous…”

David Hyland

What I love about Adelaide Comedy is that it’s an awesome mix of grass roots comics, along with the big names… Oh, and that it’s a good alternative to the gym, all the laughing makes for a great Ab workout!

Michael Wenske

Adelaide Comedy has undoubtedly been the most fun and happiest months of my life. I’ve got to perform alongside world class comedians, both local and international, and every week there is someone new and exciting to see. I’ve also made some great friends and the entire Adelaide Comedy community is so warm and inviting. If I have any say in it I want to keep doing this forever. And I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than Adelaide Comedy. Come down and see a show. You’ll understand why I feel the way I do.

Patrick Carl

AdelaideComedy.com is one of the best things about living in Adelaide! Huge big ups to the Adelaide Comedy crew for doing so well in keeping this small(er) town on the map 🙂
Always a friendly atmosphere, and so many tears of laughter… Love it… keep it up guys!!!

Rachel Bain

Adelaide Comedy is AMAZINGGGGG because it brings all of the best comedians from Adelaide, all over Australia, and all over the world right here locally where we can just pop by, have a drink, and enjoy a great night laughing almost every day of the week! I go whenever I can with my friends and we are always recruiting new people to come.

Nicole Savageau

I’ve been going to Adelaide Comedy gigs for about 3 years now and it has honestly made my life better each week. I can sit back and laugh my arse off and forget the hassles of the world.

Andrew Smith

Adelaide Comedy has kept me Entertained for years.
Have laughed so much, have been reduced to tears.
Love the comedians, using their wit to put a smile on faces.
A huge kudos to Craig Egan organising the events & places.
So accessible each week. with variety of nights & venues!
For a great night of entertainment, come along to a show.
Having a good night out & laugh makes anybody glow.

Zenia Fae

Adelaide Comedy gigs make me laugh until I ache in my ribs, until my cheek muscles hurt, until my partner now calls me a “Comedy Head” 🙂 – and truth be told, Comedy Gigs are my first choice in entertainment!!

Wambũi Gikenye

Adelaide Comedy rocks my socks. I’ve been a supporter for over a decade now and loved every minute of it. The Rhino was like a second home to me in my teens and it’s becoming one again very quickly. Love sitting in the front, interacting with the performers and laughing my arse off. Keep up the good work guys!

Lauren Hennessy

What I love is the fact that you can see great comedians for a great price, it’s also awesome to see the progression of young and new comedians starting out and giving us all a good laugh. Adelaide has a great support base for comedy and it’s a awesome feeling to be part of it. A show hasn’t let down yet and with big name comedians also being part makes it all the more better.

Christopher Lennon

I discovered Adelaide Comedy during the Fringe 2010. It was my saviour through a nasty case of post Fringe depression. Feeling out of place and very lonely while back in the city I grew up in as I recovered from a nasty injury, and missing my chosen Melbourne home, Adelaide Comedy was there exactly when I needed it most. It was wonderful to find the spirit of creativity and fun of mad March DIDN’T end when Fringe did.
The friends I made through the winter of 2010 were godsends and have changed my life. Not only because they are truly some of the most inspiring and generous hearted people I am blessed to know, but also because they were the catalyst for a complete change of direction in my own life. I never saw that coming.
Going to regular comedy gigs and meeting the wonderful Rhino Room staff, performers and regulars, inspired me to start my own journey into the world of performance. Although I’m a dancer and not a comedian, Adelaide Comedy is my muse and Rhino Room is my creative heart’s home.
While I am back in Melbourne now, I will never ever forget what Adelaide Comedy brought into my life. All the exciting and wonderful adventures I have had since (comedy festivals, Edinburgh Fringes, Adelaide Fringes, Oxfam Galas) are directly thanks to my Adelaide Comedy guardian angel.
Thank you for the joy, the friendship, the nights of laughter and dancing, the kindred spirits and the small pocket of creative madness in my lovely, sleepy hometown.
Love you always Adelaide Comedy xxx

Elizabeth Cahalan

Since getting up for my first spot at open mic, I’ve fallen in love with Adelaide Comedy. The support you get from the staff and other comics is brilliant. For someone new to doing stand up comedy, it’s been huge to get the chance to do 5 minutes alongside some headlining comics.
As an audience member, I’ve never seen a bad show. Even if one act fails on the night, majority always shine. It’s always awesome to see big name comedians doing intimate venues like Rhino Room too. You get to know them that well that you walk out thinking you could almost ask Wil Anderson to watch your kids next Monday*. The highlight is always repeating jokes on the way home that you’ve just heard and fucking up the punchlines.
I look forward to doing lots more gigs, seeing lots more amazing international acts, lots more shots and meeting more legends associated with Adelaide ComedyGigs.
*Wil is probably busy. Take dare of your own damn kids.

Joe Sampson

What I love most about Adelaide Comedy is the LIVING environment! If you want to go and sit in a room and stare at a show and go to sleep in your seat then Adelaide Comedy is NOT for you! Adelaide Comedy is for people who like to feel like they are LIVING a show, with people who have a sense of HUMOUR, who like to feel ALIVE. I love feeling free to laugh and hear great comedians speak their minds. I love the vibe that IS Adelaide Comedy.

Samantha Jones

The best part about Adelaide Comedy is the people. Also the jokes. The people and the jokes and the atmosphere. Yep. The people, the jokes, the atmosphere, and supporting local performance. Yessiree. The people, the jokes, the atmosphere, supporting local performance and seeing what some of the most creative minds in the country have to offer. Yes. The people, the jokes, the atmosphere, supporting local performance, seeing what some of the most creative minds in the country have to offer and the sense of fun and joy comedy brings all year ’round. Ok I think I’m done. Just the people, the jokes, the atmosphere, supporting local performance, seeing what some of the most creative minds in the country have to offer, the sense of fun and joy comedy brings all year ’round and the big national/international acts who come to Adelaide just to make the locals laugh.

Angus Hodge

I was introduced to Adelaide Comedy many years ago. Since that day I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed so many shows, with so many friends. I absolutely love sitting up near the front and becoming part of the show 🙂 The atmosphere at the Rhino Room is amazing. Everyone is so friendly, right from the person in the ticket booth out the front, the comedian/barman working the bar to the incredibly hard working Craig Egan running the whole thing ! Looking forward to seeing so many more shows and laughing my ass off for many years to come. Keep up the fantastic work Adelaide Comedy 🙂

Craig Topperwien