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Why I Stopped Writing Blogs

By September 14, 2014 No Comments

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to re-evaluate everything. That time was a year ago for me. That’s when I stopped writing blogs. Sure, I still use the Internet like any other person, using social media, checking sites, tweeting, writing blogs and watching videos. But I’ve stopped writing blogs.

When I thought about writing this blog, a small voice in the back of my mind told me I was crazy to let everyone know. But writing blogs can be damaging, and I needed to talk about it in my weekly blog ASAP and not save it for a later blog. What does writing a blog do to a person? Well, let me explain further in this here blog entry.

Blogging increases the risk of two things as it continues to exist: bloggers and blogs. I’ll state it a different way—more blogging means more bloggers and also more blogs. Even though ‘check out my podcast’ is the new ‘check out my blog’, this does not diminish the horror induced by either statement. A cry for unwarranted, valueless attention simply because someone has access to extremely accessible technology and felt the need to ‘say something’. Please share this blog.

Even the word ‘blog’ is an onomatopoeic nightmare-word, a sound that might burble up from a blocked sink or emanate from an over-full septic system. A word (blog) that surely no-one would want to read in their own mind’s voice or have to type over and over again. Blog. Blogging. Bloggers. So awful a topic and word that this very blog is becoming a thing I despise, because I have had to use the word blog so often as I write this blog about stopping blogs.

Finally, will the relentless blog-flood ever cease? Where are those who write op-ed pieces to go as each newspaper folds one by one? What of the wannabe writers, the misguided journalism students, the self-styled activists and ranters? Ought they move on to webinars, vlogs, and other aspects of the blogosphere? Now that I have stopped writing blogs, the future seems much brighter. Stay tuned and I’ll explain all about it in my very next blog.


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