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17 Web Headlines That Prove Clickbaiters Are Losing It (Number Three Made Me Bawl Like An Injured Dingo Puppy)

By August 31, 2014 No Comments

‘Clickbait’ refers to web headlines written in such a way as to pique one’s curiosity (make you click it) by leaving out the type of information usually included or expected in, you know, headlines. But are these clickbaiters aware of the toll it is taking on them? Click through and find out!


It Looked Like A Normal House… Until I Saw The Fourth Bedroom And Began To Laugh Uncontrollably For 12 Minutes Straight!

It Looked Like A Dog. Then I Zoomed In And Realised It Was A Baby Hippo. Then I Zoomed In Further And Saw It For What It Was: 3 Chinchillas In A Miniature Pantomime Horse Costume. But It Didn’t Stop There.

This Four-Year-Old Gives A Speech That Utterly Broke Me Down To My Core, Then A Five-Year-Old’s Speech Built Me Back Up, Then A Six-Year-Old’s Song Turned Me To Mush. I Think I Have Deep-Seated Emotional Issues.

When I Saw The First Robot I Thought Nothing Of It But Then I Passed Two More And Then A Giant Group Of Robots, Then I Realised I Was In A Robot Factory. What Happened Next Was I Was Kicked Out Of The Robot Factory!

You’ll Never Believe This Girl’s NSFW Reaction To Finding Out What NSFW Stands For, Which Is Not Made Clear In The Video And So I Still Don’t Know What NSFW Means. Can Someone Tell Me, What Does NSFW Mean? (Video Is Suitable For Most Places)

When I Heard About This Cat, I Screamed, But That Is Because Someone Jumped Out At Me With The Video Playing On Their Phone. My Second Reaction Was To Call The Police And Then, Later, The Cat Video Made My Heart Melt Literally So Now I’m Dead.

27 Of The Funniest Borp Stimpsan Quotes Ever In The History Of The World. (Borp Stimpsan Is A Character I Made Up With My Friend Jeff)

What If I Told You You’ve Been Using Urinals Wrong Your Entire Life? Now What If I Told You I Had? Because I Thought They Were For Shoe-Washing. Mind. Totally. Blown.

11 Crazy Uses For Clock Towers And Grassy Knolls.

Whoa! This Scene In A 1975 Shark Movie Made Me Jump Out Of My Skin With 1000% Fear But Then Laugh Super Loud When The Guy Says Something About His Boat. You Will Use This Catchphrase About Big Boats Forever.

7 Essential Facts About Chocolate That Made Me Vomit From Sheer Joy And Then Smack My Head On The Wall Until I Bled And Had To Call A Doctor. Chocolate Lovers Unite. The Last One Made Me Smell The Colour Yellow With My Ears.


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